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Best Radio Stations in Ireland 2023

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Best Radio Stations in Ireland

Explore Ireland's supreme radio stations! From talk shows to music shows, you'll find the best station here. Enjoy programming that showcases the culture and charm of Ireland. With great sound and varied content, you won't be bored. Keep reading to find out why these stations stand out.

These top-rated stations offer a range of programs that are engaging and entertaining. News, sports, music? They have it all! DJs and special guests appear live. Plus, they support community affairs and local talent through their shows.

If you're looking for something different, check out niche programs that cover specific genres. Traditional Irish music, country tunes, and new-age artists are all here.

Don't miss out!

Stay up-to-date with events and enjoy top-notch broadcasting. Tune in and join the thousands of already hooked listeners. Find the station that suits you best!

Editor's Pick: Best Irish Radio Station Online

Radio StationFrequencyDescriptionURL
PlanetRadioOnline24-hour music programming with a diverse range of shows and the motto “More Music Less Bla Bla”Link
Gem Radio New WaveOnlineThis station plays 80s and alternative music.Link
Heartbeat FMOnlineHeartbeat FM is a station that plays oldies and ballads.Link
Midlands 103OnlineMidlands 103 is a country music station.Link
RTÉ Radio 1OnlineRTÉ Radio 1 plays top 40 & charts music and talk shows.Link
Irish Pub RadioOnlineThis station plays world and traditional music.Link
Love Radio – Classic LovesongsOnlineLove Radio plays classic love songs and ballads.Link
Irish Country RadioOnlineIrish Country Radio plays traditional and country music.Link
Best Irish Radio Station Online

Best National Radio Stations in Ireland

To discover the best national radio stations in Ireland, learn about RTE Radio 1, Today FM, Newstalk, FM104, Spin 1038, Classic Hits 4FM, and 98FM. These various stations offer different programs and music to appeal to various interests.

  1. RTE Radio 1
  2. Today FM
  3. Newstalk
  4. FM104
  5. Spin 1038
  6. Classic Hits 4FM
  7. 98FM

RTE Radio 1

Today FM is one of Ireland's top radio stations – broadcasting 24/7. It offers news, current affairs, music, sports, arts and culture to its listeners. It's got popular presenters, interviews with celebs, live events coverage, debates and even comedy shows! There are other national stations, but this one stands out for its balance. Plus, it's won awards for its amazing journalism, production and community engagement.

One listener remembers tuning in on a road trip – loving the talks and the music hits! So, get ready for non-stop entertainment with Today FM!


Offers a wide variety of programs, including news, sports, and arts.Might not appeal to younger audiences who prefer contemporary music.
Has a strong reputation and is widely recognized.Some shows might be too focused on serious topics.
Accessible online, allowing listeners from around the world.The website could be more user-friendly.

Today FM

This station has been around for two decades! It has it all: current events, music, comedy, sports and interviews. It's got a diverse audience that appreciates the lively presenters and variety.

Today FM stands out with its high-energy shows, news updates and music. It appeals to people who like fast-paced programs.

Listeners can catch the ‘Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show' and Rugby World Cup coverage. Plus, the station hosts events and concerts often.

Pro Tip: Tune into the ‘Big Weekend on Today FM' show every Saturday for music from different genres.

For your daily dose of Irish news with some controversy, try Newstalk – where the takes are hotter than a potato in a microwave!


Offers a balanced mix of news, music, sports, and culture.Some listeners might find the content too diverse.
Has won awards for journalism, production, and community engagement.The website could be more interactive.
Popular presenters and a variety of shows.Some shows might not appeal to all listeners.


Tune in to FM104 for the best in Irish radio! With continuous coverage of news, current affairs, and opinions, this station is a favourite.

It broadcasts on FM, DAB, internet and mobile apps. Presenters are renowned for their analytical skills and engaging style. Plus, guest speakers and subject matter experts share their views regularly.

Don't miss out on staying informed with live credible voices that have reshaped perspectives over time. It's why Irish listeners love this channel! FM104 – the only thing louder than the music is Dubliners complaining about the weather.


Offers hot takes on current affairs, making it interesting for listeners.Some listeners might find the content too controversial.
Accessible online, allowing listeners from around the world.The website could be more user-friendly.
Has a variety of shows and topics.Some shows might not appeal to all listeners.


FM104, found at 104.4 FM on the dial, is one of the most popular radio stations in Ireland. It broadcasts talk shows, news bulletins and music for all ages! It's been around since 1989 and many people in Dublin love it.

Every weekday morning from 6-10am, Jim-Jim Nugent and Niamh Crowley host the FM104 morning show. They chat about current affairs and gossip, plus play great music – it's the perfect way to start your day!

FM104 also has a bunch of other popular entertainment broadcasts, like The Jam, The Lift and The Fix. And they often organize competitions on social media, giving away things like concert tickets and trips! Plus, they do events in Dublin City Centre so you can meet celebrities and get closer to the station.

Tune in to FM104 for great entertainment – while driving or just chilling at home! And follow them on social media to stay connected.


Offers a mix of talk shows, news, and music.Some listeners might find the content too diverse.
Accessible online, allowing listeners from around the world.The website could be more interactive.
Popular presenters and a variety of shows.Some shows might not appeal to all listeners.

Spin 1038

A radio station loved by many in Ireland, ‘Spin 1038' is renowned for its upbeat playlists and entertaining content. It appeals to the younger demographic, boasting high audience ratings.

Listeners can tune in to their morning show hosted by friendly presenters. It's followed by a range of programs for different interests. Plus, they hold live events and concerts to bring their personality to life.

As a forward-thinking station, ‘Spin 1038' champions new artists and trends, which makes it a great platform for emerging talent.

Initially launched in 2002 under another name, the station rebranded to ‘Spin 1038' in 2006. It's now part of Communicorp Media Group, which owns several other radio stations in Ireland and the UK. Enjoy the classic hits with ‘Spin 1038' – where the music may be classic, but the DJs definitely aren't!


Appeals to the younger demographic with upbeat playlists and entertaining content.Might not appeal to older audiences who prefer classic hits.
Champions new artists and trends.Some listeners might find the content too contemporary.
Accessible online, allowing listeners from around the world.The website could be more interactive.

Classic Hits 4FM

Classic Hits 4FM is Ireland's best radio station. It plays classic hits and blends them with modern, lively commentary. Listeners love the mix of familiar tunes and cutting-edge talk shows.

The station also mixes old classics with fresh releases from emerging artists. It's a unique playlist that appeals to all. Thousands of listeners have found it delivers quality entertainment 24/7.

One listener's story shared after tuning in is inspiring. Music transported her back to better days, and drove away negative thoughts, restoring hope.

It's no wonder Classic Hits 4FM is so popular. Its programming appeals to both younger and older generations. Don't miss out! Give it a try to experience different genres that built our music industry.


Plays a mix of classic hits and modern commentary.Might not appeal to younger audiences who prefer contemporary music.
Accessible online, allowing listeners from around the world.The website could be more user-friendly.
Appeals to both younger and older generations.Some shows might not appeal to all listeners.


This national radio station in Ireland is a long-standing favourite. It's renowned for its wide variety of quality programming. Listeners come to this station for news, entertainment, and info. From talk radio to music-based shows, this station has something for everyone.

The emphasis is on engagement and interactivity. That's why listeners keep coming back. Plus, this station has a strong digital presence. It's on social media and streams online.

This station has a long history. It was one of the first commercial broadcasting stations in Ireland. It's now a well-known media name that appeals to all ages. So, tune in and enjoy!


Offers a wide variety of quality programming.Some listeners might find the content too diverse.
Has a strong digital presence, including social media and online streaming.The website could be more interactive.
One of the first commercial broadcasting stations in Ireland.Some shows might not appeal to all listeners.

Best Regional Radio Stations in Ireland

To get the best regional radio experience in Ireland, you need to tune in to Highland Radio, Red FM, Ocean FM, Beat 102-103, Radio Kerry, and WLR FM. Each of these radio stations offers unique content and a distinct vibe that sets them apart from the others. Tune in and discover what each station has to offer!

Highland Radio

The Mountainous Broadcasting Company is a renowned radio station in Ireland, providing content for the North-West region. It's known for its news coverage and entertaining programs. Live sports, cultural activities, and community updates are all part of its appeal. The radio hosts keep listeners informed and amused with their distinct personalities.

This station doesn't just offer great content. It also promotes local businesses and supports various charities. It's a great platform for aspiring local artists to showcase their talents. This makes it a key part of the region's social fabric.

Pro Tip: Tune in to the Mountainous Broadcasting Company for an exciting experience of the North-West regions of Ireland. Plus, you'll get to hear some sizzling music and entertaining accents!

Red FM

Red FM – one of Ireland's top radio stations in the south. With a mix of presenters and DJs, they keep listeners entertained with engaging content, competitions and celebrity interviews. Their range of programs includes news, weather, business and sports.

Red FM is tech-savvy, broadcasting live and streaming online. They're also community-focused. Hosting events and working with charities in the Cork area, to raise funds for cancer research or other health and education causes.

Red FM was founded in 2002, by local entrepreneurs. It took off quickly due to their innovative programming and marketing. Now, it reaches Cork City and County with more than 168,000 weekly listeners. Get your fill of the fresh airwaves with Red FM!

Ocean FM

This NLP Semantic variation of ‘Ocean FM' is the radio station to listen to! It waves its warm greeting to the listeners of Sligo, North Leitrim and South Donegal. This station's successful blend of music and news sets it apart from other regional radio stations.

Their broadcasters are passionate and qualified. They keep everyone in the region up-to-date with events and happenings. From local politics to social life, they cover it all. This radio station stands out for its support of local businesses and the community.

They're also actively involved in fundraising campaigns and charity drives to show their care for those in need. ‘Ocean FM' is a regional radio station that believes in giving back to society. Start your morning commute with them for an interesting and positive day ahead!

But if you want even more of a thrill, tune into Beat 102-103 and enjoy their hot music and weather girl!

Beat 102-103

Beat 102-103, a regional radio station in the Southeast of Ireland, has been broadcasting since the early 2000s. It offers a mix of music, news, and entertainment and focuses on mainstream pop hits. There are also specialist shows that cater to dance and indie genres. The station covers Kilkenny, Wexford, Waterford and parts of Tipperary.

It keeps listeners engaged through social media and contests. Tune in for the morning show “The Juice” hosted by Niall Power from 7am to 9am on weekdays. Listeners can get local news every half-hour throughout the day. “The Takeover” features guest DJ spots from local talent for your evening commute.

Pro Tip: Download the station's app for iOS and Android devices for staying connected when out of range. Radio Kerry – strong accents and local news!

Radio Kerry

Tune in to this regional radio station for County Kerry! It's renowned for local news, sports updates and talk shows. Plus, there's a huge variety of music genres all day long – perfect for those who love the local flavour! Radio Kerry has even won awards and national recognition for its amazing programming.

This station has a special commitment to the community. It covers local events and fundraisers, and promotes them on-air. That dedication has helped it become a big deal in the area. It's a top source of entertainment and info.

Fun fact: South West Radio launched in 1989, and then merged with North Kerry Radio in 1990. Now, it's one of the most popular stations in Ireland.


WLR FM has won over the hearts of Irish listeners. It provides a variety of programming such as news, music, and talk shows. The hosts are knowledgeable and entertaining. Plus, they cover local sports events extensively.

What sets this station apart is its commitment to the community. They host fundraisers and support local initiatives. This has resulted in trust and credibility with their audience.

Listeners have praised the station's quality programming and dedication. They feel connected to the community and WLR FM plays a part in their daily routine.

It's evident that WLR FM is a leading regional radio station in Ireland. They focus on meaningful connections with their audience through broadcasting and community involvement. Who needs a tower when you can get the best Irish tunes streaming from anywhere?

Best Online/Streaming Radio Stations in Ireland

To find the best online/streaming radio stations in Ireland, turn to the section on ‘Best Online/Streaming Radio Stations in Ireland' with sub-sections including RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, RTÉ 2XM, Radio Nova, Dublin's Q102, RTÉ Pulse, and 8Radio. Discover the unique genres, hosts, and music offered by each station and find your new go-to for online listening in Ireland.

RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta

RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta is one of Ireland's top streaming radio stations. Listeners can experience the Irish language exclusively! Traditional music, news, sports updates and cultural programming all celebrate the country's heritage. This station has gained admiration for keeping the Irish language alive.

It's the only Irish language station in Ireland and is dedicated to preserving Gaelic culture worldwide. Speakers and events from around the globe are featured, linking Ireland to its heritage.

Listeners can hear daily current affairs, live sports commentary, and interviews with prominent figures and gain insight into current events.

If you're looking for something different that celebrates Gaelic culture, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta is the place to be. Plus, RTÉ 2XM plays the top tunes from Ireland and beyond – get ready to rock out with your WiFi out!


Radio Nova is operated by the RTÉ network. It streams music from many genres, and often features popular Irish artists, plus up-and-comers.

The station is interactive – you can find it on its website and social media. It's a great platform for undiscovered DJs.

Plus, you can listen back to previous shows with its on-demand feature. That way, you won't miss out on any cool content.

The station gets lots of positive feedback from listeners in Ireland and beyond. People love their playlists, DJs, and overall listening experience. And the numbers show it – according to the JNLR Survey (July 2020), RTÉ Radio is the top-performing station in Ireland, with over 2 million weekly listeners.

Radio Nova

Radio Nova is one of Ireland's most popular radio stations. It offers a mix of classic rock and contemporary hits, with high-quality broadcasts and an extensive coverage area. Programs include ‘The Morning Glory' and ‘Nova Nights'.

This station stands out for its carefully curated playlists and presenters. They provide informative content and interesting conversations. Plus, they focus on Irish music – gaining a lot of fans!

You can also hear exclusive interviews with musicians and entertainers from all over the globe. These are conducted by the best presenters in Ireland – they don't shy away from asking tough questions.

Radio Nova is involved with charities too, making them part of the local community. Fun fact: they were originally a pirate station in 1981, before getting an official license in 2010. Tune in to Q102 to dance to Dublin's traffic from home!

Dublin's Q102

Q102 is a top digital radio station in Dublin. They broadcast 24/7 with popular Irish presenters, playing the latest hits. Tune in for ‘The Right Song, Right Now‘ and ‘The Big Drive Home.' Live news and listener interaction through social media adds to the fun!

High-energy presenters make you laugh. Plus, celebrity gossip updates and prizes for callers. It's much more than a traditional radio station. On-demand music online via their app, so you can listen to your choice of music anytime anywhere.

John loves Q102. He remembers listening with his parents – it was part of his childhood. Still tunes in today when driving around. RTÉ Pulse is fresher than the farmers' market on a Sunday morning!

RTÉ Pulse

RTÉ Pulse – the Irish online radio station that's got you covered for all your electronic and dance music needs! Listeners can enjoy an immersive experience with impeccable streaming quality. Plus, exclusive interviews with famous artists to give you an inside look into their creative processes. This station caters to all generations of dance music fans, delivering the freshest sounds in electronic music. It's also renowned for promoting new talents in the industry through regular showcases and events.

If you're looking for lively discussion and debate shows with alternative perspectives, Newstalk is the one to try. It covers political, cultural and social topics from Ireland and beyond. Plus, insightful journalism for listeners who appreciate well-informed insights on burning issues.

And last but not least, 8Radio is here to save you from the monotony of mainstream radio. Get ready to rock out with your earphones out!


This online radio station is special. It plays indie and alternative music. It chooses new and emerging artists from around the world. Plus, it has its own presenters to bring their own expertise.

Listeners who want something different can discover cool songs that aren't mainstream here. 8Radio produces themed shows for different genres and moods. It's a great escape from commercialized radio.

Tune in for something new and refreshing! Traditionalists and modernists alike will love 8Radio's online radio stations in Ireland – they'll have you jigging and jamming in no time! Music magic!

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FAQs about Web Hosting in Dublin

▷ What are the best radio stations in Ireland?

There are numerous radio stations in Ireland, but some of the best include RTE Radio 1, Today FM, Newstalk, FM104, SPIN 1038, and Classic Hits. These stations offer a diverse range of music, news, and talk shows.

▷ What type of genres do Irish radio stations cover?

Irish radio stations cover a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, electronic, R&B, country, and traditional Irish music. Some stations also have specialized shows that focus on specific genres.

▷ Can I listen to Irish radio stations online?

Yes, many Irish radio stations offer online streaming on their official websites or on mobile apps. You can also use internet radio platforms like TuneIn or Radio Garden to listen to Irish radio stations from anywhere in the world.

▷ What kind of programming do Irish radio stations broadcast?

Irish radio stations broadcast a variety of programming, including news updates, talk shows, sports commentary, music shows, and cultural programming. Some stations also have specialized shows that focus on comedy, politics, or current affairs.

▷ How can I suggest a song or request a shoutout on an Irish radio station?

Most Irish radio stations have dedicated phone numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts for song requests and shoutouts. You can visit the station's website or check their social media pages for more information on how to contact them.

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