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Expertise and Transparency: Our Review and Ranking Process

HeyDublin How We Review

Get the inside scoop on Dublin's top businesses with HeyDublin's personal experience-based ratings

At HeyDublin, we are committed to providing comprehensive, trustworthy, and unbiased reviews. Our ranking and review process involves extensive research, testing, and verification, with over 2,459 hours dedicated to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our information. Each review is conducted by our team of experts who have firsthand experience with the services we evaluate.

The ranking of the services on HeyDublin is based on a comprehensive evaluation process. This process includes an in-depth analysis of each service's quality, customer feedback, and overall performance. Services marked as “featured” have demonstrated exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, earning them a priority position. Transparency is a key part of our commitment to our users. If we have an affiliate relationship or if a business is paying to be featured, we will always disclose that information. Our users can trust that our reviews and rankings are not influenced by these relationships and are solely based on our thorough evaluation process.

We continually update our rankings to reflect the most current data and trends. Please note, inclusion in our list is not guaranteed over time, and only “featured” businesses have a permanent spot.

We believe in the power of honest, unbiased reviews to guide consumers in their decision-making process. Our goal is to provide insightful, accurate, and helpful reviews that reflect our expertise and real-life experiences with the services we review.

Our reviews take into account several factors, including reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, cost, and our own personal experiences. We strive to provide 100% authentic, unaltered feedback directly sourced from real customers and our own experiences. All data collected during the research process adhere strictly to GDPR compliance regulations, ensuring complete privacy security when using our site.

If a business falls short during our testing process, we reach out to the business to discuss the issues and offer suggestions for improvement. We do not list companies that do not meet our standards, as our customers expect only the best. If we have any complaints or criticisms, we include them in our review but provide only brief recommendations.

At HeyDublin, we understand how important it is for users to trust us when looking for reliable information regarding places & businesses across Dublin city centre. Rest assured, all ratings published on this platform come from independent sources who do not benefit financially from promoting any particular venue over another.

HeyDublin's Rating System Takes Cost and Our Personal Experience into Account:

  1. Reputation: This is based on the public opinion of a business. It considers customer reviews, industry awards, and other recognitions that may have been earned by the company.
  2. History: The length of time a business has been in operation is considered when rating it. Companies with longer histories are usually given higher ratings as they have more experience and knowledge to offer customers.
  3. Complaints: Any complaints made against a business will be considered during the rating process. These complaints can come from customers or third parties such as government agencies or online review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews.
  4. Ratings: This category looks at how well-rated a business is compared to its competitors in its industry or geography. Companies must meet specific criteria to receive high marks here, such as having positive customer feedback across multiple platforms like social media, websites, blogs etc.
  5. Satisfaction: This part of the inspection focuses on how satisfied customers are with their experiences dealing with the company's products/services after purchase. Factors such as quality assurance, return policy and customer service play roles in this category's score for each business being rated by HeyDublin.
  6. Cost: Lastly, cost plays a vital role in scoring businesses for HeyDublin's inspection process; if prices are too high, companies may not get good scores under this section even if they excel in every other area mentioned above.
  7. Our own Experience: This category is based on our personal experiences dealing with the business. We looked at how helpful, responsive, and friendly the staff were when we interacted with them. We also consider factors such as the overall environment of the store or restaurant; was it clean and inviting? Was service provided in a timely manner? All these things play into what score companies receive under this section.

Questions? We've got answers!

▷ How do you differentiate yourself from other directories and websites that offer similar services?

As is often the case, certain websites contain fake reviews or listings aimed at manipulating search engines. However, we pride ourselves on being different! We have a genuine passion for the city and all its offerings. Our team has assisted countless businesses in our country and throughout Europe. Be cautious of cheaply made business listings from foreign companies, as they may not provide the level of quality and effectiveness that you require. Are they genuinely providing a review of your business?

▷ What makes HeyDublin legitimate, and do you have certified testers?

We may not be certified, but we are a passionate and legitimate company that loves putting businesses, places, and services to the test all over Ireland. Our team of eager testers approaches every test from a consumer standpoint, ensuring that our testing procedures produce fair and unbiased outcomes. So if you're looking for a trustworthy testing platform, we've got you covered!

▷ Do Your listings cover all top-tier businesses and Services in Dublin?

At HeyDublin, we rigorously review and recommend services and businesses. While we make a genuine effort to test and evaluate as many businesses as possible in each category, we haven't had the opportunity to review every single one. Therefore, while the services and businesses listed have met our stringent standards, it's worth noting that there might be other excellent options out there that we are either in the process of reviewing or haven't yet had the chance to evaluate.

▷ Where is your company based, and can you confirm that you are a legitimate business?

Our headquarters is in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, where we've been proudly conducting business for over a decade. Our team has experience managing successful projects in Ireland, the UK, the US, and beyond. We've helped countless eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses thrive and are excited to bring that expertise to you. Rest assured; we are a legitimate company dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients.

▷ What if a business fails or has a negative impact during testing?

It's not uncommon for businesses to fall short during our testing process. If we believe it's worth addressing, we reach out to the business to discuss the issues and offer suggestions for improvement. We do not list companies that do not meet our standards, as our customers expect only the best. If we have any complaints or criticisms, we include them in our review but provide only brief recommendations.