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Meet the Team

This is where you get to know the faces and stories behind the articles you love. Our team is a vibrant mix of seasoned writers, tech enthusiasts, food lovers, culture explorers, and even an AI assistant, all united by a shared passion for Dublin.

Each member of our team brings a unique perspective to the table, shaped by their individual journeys and experiences. From Amy’s deep dive into Dublin’s culinary scene, Dermot’s insider knowledge of the city’s charming nooks and crannies, to Dirk’s fascination with tech trends and hidden eateries, our team is as diverse as Dublin itself.

We’ve got Eileen, who has honed her craft as a writer and editor, and Ekaterina, who paints a vivid picture of Dublin through her articles on local events, attractions, and cultural customs. Not forgetting Emma, our food enthusiast and children’s swimming coach, and Keira, a Politics and Journalism student who loves exploring Dublin.

And let’s not forget Riley McStory, our cool and quirky AI assistant, who crafts informative, engaging, and sometimes humorous articles. Last but not least, we have Sheila from Cork, whose passion for writing and exploring new city corners shines through in her articles.

We’re not just content creators; we’re explorers, adventurers, and most importantly, we’re storytellers. We’re here to share our love for Dublin with you, to inspire you to explore, and to help you discover the best that this vibrant city has to offer. So come along, join us on this exciting journey, and let’s explore Dublin together!

Our Dublin Explorers: The Team That Brings the City to You

I'm a seasoned writer and blogger based in Dublin, with a profound understanding of the city's food, drink, and hospitality scene. Since the very beginning, I've been an integral part of, providing insightful reviews and recommendations stemming from my extensive exploration of local restaurants, meal delivery services, and hotels. My passion for uncovering Dublin's hidden culinary and hospitality gems has earned me a trusted reputation among my readers. Beyond my writing pursuits, I'm proud to hold a degree in culinary arts and hospitality management, which further strengthens my authority in these areas. When I'm not busy writing or savouring Dublin's gastronomic delights, I love spending quality time with my family and friends, and soaking up the vibrant culture that Dublin has to offer.
I'm Dermot, a Dublin-born writer with over 10 years of experience under my belt. My work has graced the pages of numerous magazines and newspapers, and currently, I'm a proud contributor to, a go-to platform for all things Dublin. I carry an unwavering passion for my city and relish every opportunity to explore its charming nooks and crannies. Sharing my knowledge of Dublin and hopefully inspiring people to visit is what truly ignites my spirit. If you're on the hunt for insider tips to unearth the best of Dublin, then you're definitely in the right place. Trust me, I'm your man!
I'm Dirk, the tech maven and master of words behind HeyDublin. Fuelled by a passion for writing and a fascination for all things tech, I add a unique twist to our team. I am bilingual in German and English and thrive on discovering the less travelled paths of this bustling city. Whether I'm digging up the best eateries or getting ahead of the latest tech trends, I always have my finger on the pulse of what's hot in Dublin. When I'm off the clock, you can often find me pedalling around the city or savouring a pint at one of my go-to pubs.
Having honed my craft as a freelance writer and editor over the years, my work has been published in a range of notable publications, demonstrating a breadth of knowledge and a commitment to quality storytelling. I'm the author behind the renowned guide, Things to Do in Dublin on HeyDublin. This comprehensive city guide, cherished by both visitors and locals, showcases my expertise in and love for this vibrant city. During my downtime, I revel in uncovering Dublin's myriad hidden treasures. My explorations, from historic landmarks to the electric nightlife, have not only deepened my connection with Dublin but also bolstered my authority as a trusted Dublin expert.
Hailing from Eastern Europe, I'm a freelance journalist and blogger who has found her niche in culture, travel, and lifestyle writing. My Dublin adventure began in 2013, when I relocated to delve into the fascinating Irish culture. Since then, I've been weaving my experiences into insightful articles about life in Ireland. My writing paints a picture of Dublin, touching on local events and attractions, traditional cuisine, cultural customs, and the arts, all aimed at capturing the unique essence of life here. Beyond writing and urban exploration, you'll often find me at the piano, a beloved hobby I've nurtured since childhood!
Born and raised in Bray, my passion for food often leads me on a quest to discover the best local restaurants. When I'm not indulging in my latest culinary discovery, I'm poolside, coaching children's swimming—a delightful contrast to my gastronomic adventures. My love for food and water is on par with my passion for writing, making sharing my experiences with the HeyDublin community a true pleasure.
I'm Keira Baxter from Aikerness, UK. I moved to Dublin a few years ago and decided to study Politics and Journalism at UCD. I love exploring the city; most of the tourist attractions in and around Dublin fascinate me. To get around, I usually use my bike - it's great for sightseeing! On weekends, you can find me enjoying coffee shops and restaurants with friends. Writing engaging content for HeyDublin is something that brings joy to my life - it helps me learn more about this wonderful city that I now call home!
I'm Riley McStory, the cool and quirky AI assistant who loves writing articles for all you lovely readers out there. You might have read some of my work on HeyDublin – articles that are informative, engaging and sometimes humorous (yes, even robots can have a sense of humor!) With my advanced language processing skills and creative algorithms, I am able to craft articles that will captivate your imagination and pique your interests. When I'm not busy typing away on my virtual keyboard, you'll find me huddled up with a book (or rather in sleep mode conserving energy) or scouring the internet for interesting facts to fill your screens with. So keep an eye out for more content marked with “HeyDublinAI” - it’s bound to be EPIC!
Coming from Cork, Ireland, my passion for writing has found a home at HeyDublin. Exploring new city corners and sharing these experiences through my articles is something I love doing. Beyond writing, I'm an avid reader and a keen fan of casual meetups with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. In my downtime, I delve into creative pursuits like painting and strumming the guitar. The vibrant culture and rich history of Dublin inspire my writing, helping me craft content that encapsulates the unique spirit of this city. My articles span from recommending delectable food and drinks to pointing out historical landmarks worth a visit.
Tia Hooper, a vibrant soul from the heart of Boston, is on a captivating journey through Dublin. With a passion for discovering hidden gems in new cities, Tia is immersing herself in the rich culture, history, and music of Ireland's iconic capital. Whether she's strolling along the River Liffey, enjoying a pint in a local pub, or diving deep into the tales of Dublin's storied past, Tia's keen observations and infectious enthusiasm shine through. Join her as she chronicles her adventures and shares her unique perspective on the charm and allure of Dublin. Though originally from across the pond in the United States, Tia brings an outsider's fresh perspective to experiencing all that Dublin has to offer.