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Fact-Checking Policy

Version 1.2.1 – 20/07/2023

At HeyDublin, we hold truth and accountability as the pillars of excellent journalism. We are committed to providing our readers with reliable, rigorously investigated, and unbiased information. Our fact-checking process consists of several crucial procedures to ensure the credibility and exactness of our content.

Selecting And Verifying Sources

We gather information from trustworthy sources, including esteemed media institutions, academic bodies, and professional interviews. Whenever feasible, we strive to utilize primary sources. Before anything is published, we validate the sources and their information for absolute accuracy and reliability.

Validating Facts

We confirm data and information from multiple sources, comparing them to ensure their authenticity and coherence. Our fact-checking process covers statements, quotations, and statistics by reaching out to subject-matter experts, official institutions, and other pertinent sources.

Editorial Review

Every piece of content undergoes scrutiny by our experienced editors. They confirm the information's veracity, ensure flawless grammar, and verify that everything conforms to our journalistic standards.

Accurate Headlines

We aspire for our headlines to accurately reflect the content. Before publishing any news article, it undergoes a rigorous verification process. Any speculative news or insider insights are appropriately labelled, enabling our readers to distinguish between confirmed information and industry discussions.

Amendments And Updates

We take pride in the accuracy of our content. However, if an error is identified, we promptly rectify it and transparently communicate the magnitude of the error. Any query from a reader will be thoroughly investigated and verified before making a correction or providing an explanation. We proactively update our content as necessary to reflect new information or alterations in the story.

Providing Superior Context

HeyDublin is dedicated to delivering first-class context that helps readers comprehend the relevance of the news. Our team of industry veterans ensures that every article contains the most recent, precise, and significant details. If we are the original source, we adhere to the fundamental principles of journalism.

Clarifying Complex Terms For Readers

We prioritize simplifying intricate terms and statistics for ease of understanding. If necessary, we can substantiate information against source documents. We emphasize research and objectivity alongside clear and logical argumentation. When posting a conclusion or hypothesis, we contemplate and incorporate any related opposing viewpoints. This approach allows us to present a comprehensive view and anticipate reader inquiries.

For any questions, corrections, or update requests, please email ei.nilbudyeh@olleh

By adhering to these procedures, we strive to provide our readers with accurate, timely, and comprehensive information that they can trust.

Our Review and Ranking Process: