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Best Food Tours in Dublin

Best Food Tours in Dublin

Ever delved into the culinary secrets of Dublin while wandering its historic streets? I have, and trust me, it's an experience that leaves both your heart and belly full!

Dublin isn't just about literature and history; it's a gourmet delight waiting to be discovered. My first food tour had me sampling artisanal cheeses that were a sheer explosion of flavours. Who would've thought a simple cheese could tell so much about Dublin's culinary heritage? And the traditional Irish breakfast? It's a hearty plate that fuels you for the entire day.

One afternoon, I meandered down a quaint alley and stumbled upon a local bakery. The aroma of freshly baked Irish soda bread wafted through, instantly pulling me inside. It was pure nostalgia on a plate, reminding me of my grandma's kitchen.

Then there's the seafood in Howth, a charming coastal town just a short drive from the heart of Dublin. I can still feel the crisp air, hear the gulls, and taste the freshest catch paired with craft beers. The tales of Viking history were an added bonus!

But the true gem? The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. Not exactly a food tour, but wandering from one iconic pub to another, soaking in tales of famous writers, and sipping on classic Irish brews is an experience in itself.

And while the Guinness and Jameson tours are much raved about, for me, the real essence of Dublin lies in its hidden food stalls, its bustling markets, and those traditional recipes passed down through generations.

What about you? Ready to nibble your way through Dublin's culinary scene? Which tasty treat will kick-start your food journey?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Food Tours in Dublin

Best Food Tours in DublinName
Best for Authentic Local ExperienceDublin Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours
Best for Gourmet DiscoveriesDelicious Dublin Food Tour
Best for Budget-Friendly ExplorationFood on Foot Tour: Dublin Walking Tour
Best for Coastal Cuisine & Beer LoversDublin Coastal Craft Beer and Seafood Trail with a Local
Best for Private Culinary ExplorationThe 10 Tastings of Dublin With Locals: Private Food Tour
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My Ultimate Gourmet Journey: Exploring Dublin's Finest Food Tours

Dublin Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5 (711 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Dublin Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours
Credit: Tour Provider

Dublin’s Culinary Delights Awaits

Embrace the heart of Dublin in the most authentic way possible – through its traditional food. This intimate walking tour not only offers a unique culinary journey but also unveils hidden gems and historic landmarks. Dive into Irish classics from fresh soda bread to delightful ice cream, and keep your anticipation high for the mysterious Secret Dish!

A Food Lover’s Diary: My Dublin Delight

Oh, Dublin! Who would've thought that beneath your historic streets lay such a gastronomic treasure? From the get-go, our guide unveiled a world of traditional delights. The buttery taste of the Irish Potato Cake, the smooth texture of smoked salmon, and oh, that delectable artisanal ice cream, it all felt like a dream! And just when I thought I had tasted it all, they unveiled the Secret Dish. My taste buds are still in awe. Walking around, the sights of Trinity College and the whispers from the Guinness Storehouse added an extra layer of magic to the journey. And guess what? There was a moment when the aroma of freshly baked soda bread just stopped me in my tracks. Have you ever felt a city speaking to you through its food?

Don’t just take my word for it. Dublin has its secrets, and the best way to discover them is through its flavours. So, when's your culinary journey beginning?

Quick Glance: The Essentials

PriceFrom €87.87
Duration3 hours 30 minutes
LanguageOffered in: English
Meeting PointHenry Grattan Monument
End PointWicklow Street, Dublin 2

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Be sure to ask your guide about the history behind each dish. It's fascinating!
  • Arrive a little early to admire the Henry Grattan Monument before the tour begins.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Believe me; it's a culinary marathon!
  • If there's a specific Irish dish you're keen on, mention it; you might get some great recommendations!

Guest Experience: “An absolutely delightful experience! The tastes, stories, and sights of Dublin intertwined in one fabulous journey. A must-do!” – Emma, United Kingdom.

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Delicious Dublin Food Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5 (329 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Delicious Dublin Food Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

A Taste of Dublin's Gastronomy

Dublin is not just about its historic landmarks; it's also a city bursting with culinary prowess. Dive deep into its food culture through the Delicious Dublin Food Tour, a walking adventure that takes you through Dublin's food streets. Delight in local cheeses, chocolates, and dishes that narrate Ireland's gastronomic history. This tour is an exploration of local eateries and a tribute to Dublin's evolving food scene.

My Unforgettable Journey Through Dublin's Culinary Delights

There's a delicious secret about Dublin that I never knew until I took this tour. Meandering through Dublin's streets, it was like every corner had a story told through its food. The local cheeses? Absolute heaven! The chocolates? Melting moments of pure bliss. My favourite part? The off-the-beaten-path eateries that only true Dubliners know about. Each bite was a piece of history, a morsel of Dublin's heart. And let's talk about our guide. Oh, the stories she shared! Like the origins of a particular dish, or the childhood memory behind a family-run bakery. Ever tasted a pastry that transported you to a local's childhood memory? I did! And trust me, it's something special. What more can a foodie ask for?

Don't Wait, Dive In!

Every morsel in Dublin awaits your taste buds. Why read about it when you can experience it? Savour the stories, the flavours, and the love Dublin pours into its cuisine. The Delicious Dublin Food Tour is not just a tour, it's a journey of tastes and tales.

Key Tour Details

PriceFrom €75.00
Duration3 hours
LanguageOffered in English
Start Time10:45 AM
Meeting PointThe Spire O'Connell Street, Dublin
End PointDawson Street, Dublin

Exclusive Insights from My Culinary Exploration

  • Arrive hungry; the tour ensures every participant is sumptuously fed.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This walking tour covers about 1.7 miles.
  • Engage with your guide. Their local knowledge adds a special flavour to the experience.
  • Remember to alert the tour guide if you have any food restrictions.

Guest Review: “The tour was exceptional! Lisa's knowledge of the city combined with the delicious food stops made this one of the best experiences I've had. The sustainable restaurant focus was the cherry on top.” – Joanna_C, Wales.

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Food on Foot Tour: Dublin Walking Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5 (228 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Food on Foot Tour Dublin Walking Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Dublin's Delights, One Step at a Time

Discover Dublin’s vibrant history and culture while indulging in its delightful food scene. This unique group tour ensures that you only purchase and taste what genuinely piques your interest. Dive deep into food and culture, explore hidden foodie spots, and immerse yourself in Dublin's friendly streets over a 3-hour adventure.

My Unforgettable Dublin Culinary Journey

The streets of Dublin welcomed me with their old-world charm, but it was the scent of delicious food wafting through the air that truly stole my heart. Walking the cobblestone streets, my guide directed us to hidden foodie gems that would have eluded me otherwise. As someone who values choice, I cherished the freedom to pick my dishes. The Baileys cheesecake was an absolute game-changer, and the beefo sandwich was nothing short of a culinary masterpiece! And who could forget the surreal taste of Murphy's ice cream? The occasional historic snippets we received added layers to our adventure. How many times can you say you savoured a mouthwatering meal right where a historic event took place? Sharing this with you, can you imagine the flavours and stories awaiting you in those Dublin streets?

Why Wait?

Dublin's historic streets are waiting, sprinkled with flavours from every corner. Dive in, savour each bite, and let Dublin's culinary tales entice your palate!

Key Details at a Glance

PriceFrom €25.00
Duration3 hours
Meeting PointSt Catherine's Church of Ireland
End PointMolly Malone Statue

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Arrive Hungry: The variety is immense, and you wouldn't want to miss out!
  • History Buffs Rejoice: The snippets of history are as delightful as the food.
  • Be On Time: The tour starts at 11 a.m., but it's wise to get there 15 minutes early.

Review from a Guest: “The guide was both informative and entertaining. From the sausage breakfast to the Murphys ice cream, every bite was a delightful experience.” – Lisa_K, United Kingdom.

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The 10 Tastings of Dublin With Locals: Private Food Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 (82 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

The 10 Tastings of Dublin With Locals Private Food Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Uncover Dublin’s Culinary Delights

Experience Dublin through its eclectic food scene with a private tour of the city’s must-try delicacies. Dive deep into the rich food heritage as you savour 10 delectable tastings handpicked by passionate local hosts. From authentic local flavours to discovering hidden gems of the city, this culinary journey offers a slice of Dublin's vibrant culture and history.

My Gourmet Adventure in Dublin

Oh, Dublin! You always seem to surprise me. I wasn’t just walking the streets of this historic city but tasting my way through them! From the first bite at La Maison to that sweet sip of Irish cider, every tasting was a revelation. The variety? Impeccable. One minute, I was enjoying classic local bites and the next, I was whisked into the world of international flavours. Passing by Dublin Castle with a bit of fudge in hand felt like a step back in time. And the stories! My local guide had this knack for weaving fascinating tales of the city between our stops. Did I mention the George’s Street Arcade? That's one spot you might have walked past without a second glance. But oh, the culinary wonders it holds! How often does one get to see the city through such a delicious lens?

Don’t Wait, Taste Dublin Now!

Dublin’s food scene is an ever-evolving tapestry of tastes. You don’t want to wait too long to delve into its flavours. Dive into this delicious adventure and find out why everyone's raving about it!

Essential Tour Details

PriceFrom €189.00 (Varies by group size)
Duration3 hours
Meeting PointLa Maison, 15 Castle Market, Dublin 2
CancellationFree up to 24 hours in advance

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Start with an empty stomach, there's so much to try!
  • Wear comfortable shoes; it’s not just about eating, there’s a bit of walking involved.
  • Be open to new flavours; Dublin’s food scene is more diverse than you might think.
  • Don’t forget to ask your guide for restaurant recommendations for the rest of your stay.

Guest's Rave Review “Ruairi was an excellent guide. Told great stories about the city and places we visited. Food choices were great and we had lots to eat and drink. We didn’t feel rushed and got to enjoy every stop.” – Brenda_S, Ireland

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Irish Food Trail – Walking Tour of Dublin

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5 (499 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Irish Food Trail - Walking Tour of Dublin
Credit: Tour Provider

A Tasty Adventure Awaits in Dublin's Streets

Delight your taste buds with a sumptuous journey through Dublin's iconic eateries. Experience the heart of Dublin’s culinary scene, as you weave through popular pubs and vibrant restaurants. This isn't just a walk; it's an adventure filled with authentic Irish flavours and frothy craft beers, all under the guidance of a passionate local guide.

My Gastronomic Odyssey

You know that feeling of discovering a hidden gem? That was me, every step of the way on this tour. Starting at the historic Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, I was captivated by the blend of history and gastronomy. Each stop, from bustling pubs to quaint eateries, brought a new wave of excitement and hunger!

Temple Bar was more than just a district; it was a sensory explosion. The stories shared by our affable guide about Dublin's rich history only added depth to the tantalising dishes laid before us. And the beers? Oh, the craft beers were a symphony of flavours dancing on my palate. As we ventured to more secret locales, the camaraderie among the group grew, making the food taste even better. Did I mention the Irish stew and that divine seafood chowder? Heavenly!

I remember thinking, “How have I missed out on this for so long?” As we concluded our journey, satiated and enlightened, I felt a sense of gratitude. Grateful for the food, the company, and the stories that painted a vivid picture of Dublin's culinary landscape.

Tempted Yet?

Dublin's food trail isn't just a tour; it's an experience, a memory waiting to be made. Dive into Dublin's vibrant food scene, and let its flavours, tales, and charm captivate you.

Essential Tour Information

PriceFrom €85.00
Duration3 hours
LanguageOffered in English
Meeting PointPowerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin
InclusionsFood-tasting, Local guide
ExclusionsSpecified food and drink alternatives cost extra

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Early Bird Wins: Arrive 15 minutes prior to the meeting point. It's a chance to mingle and get the best insights!
  • Comfort First: Wear comfortable shoes; there's lots of delightful walking.
  • Stay Open: Try all dishes, even if it's out of your comfort zone. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Engage: Don’t hesitate to ask the guide for local dining recommendations. They've got the best tips!

Guest's Glimpse: “An unforgettable adventure! Grainne, our guide, painted Ireland's culinary scene with vivid stories and mouthwatering stops. A must when visiting Dublin!” – PennyMather, USA.

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Dublin Delicious Donut Adventure by Underground Donut Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5 (64 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Dublin Delicious Donut Adventure by Underground Donut Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Doughnuts & Dublin: A Delicious Duo

Dublin, with its rich history and vibrant streets, has a sweet side that’s hard to resist. Delve deep into the heart of the city’s dessert scene with the Underground Donut Tour. This adventure isn’t just about tasting the finest doughnuts but also about exploring Dublin’s renowned landmarks, absorbing its culture, and getting to know its stories, one doughnut shop at a time.

A Day to Remember

The Rolling Donut, with its delightful aroma, was the perfect starting point for the adventure. Each bite of their fluffy treat told a story. As I ambled through the streets, my trusty guide shared tales of Dublin's past, its architecture, and the very essence of its vibrant culture. But it wasn’t all about history; the anticipation of the next doughnut tasting was palpable.

The surprise hit? The “traditional” Irish churros at Sweet Churro! Who would have thought that churros could taste so…Irish? The unique fusion left me craving more.

Wandering through the cobbled lanes, I discovered not only the sweetness of Dublin's doughnuts but also the sweetness of its people. The shop owners, with their wide smiles and warm welcomes, made every stop feel special. And just when I thought the tour was winding down, Offbeat Donut Co by the River Liffey was the cherry on top. Their innovative flavours and picturesque location overlooking the river were the ideal conclusion to this sugary sojourn.

Oh, and did I mention the churro? Wait until you try it!

Seize the Sweetness!

Dublin's doughnut scene is as rich and varied as its history. Take a bite out of Dublin, and I promise, it's a taste you'll cherish forever. Ready to take on this mouth-watering adventure?

Essential Tour Details

PriceFrom €52.15
Duration2 hours
Meeting PointThe Rolling Donut, St. Stephen's Green
End PointOffbeat Donut Co, Temple Bar
AvailabilityBook online or call: +1 (702) 648-5873

Exclusive Insights from My Adventure

  • Start with a light breakfast; you'll want to save room for all the treats.
  • If you're a fan of quirky flavours, Offbeat Donut Co is a must-visit.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; you'll cover some ground.
  • Embrace the moment, the treats, and the tales – it's a journey to remember!

A Sweet Note from a GuestErin was a fantastic guide! Rain or shine, he made the tour absolutely delightful. Those doughnuts are something special.” – Joseph_S, USA.

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Dublin Private Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (38 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Dublin Private Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours
Credit: Tour Provider

Tasting the Heart of Dublin

Explore Dublin in a deliciously unique way! Dive deep into the heart of the city's authentic food culture with Secret Food Tours. Wander the streets, nip into cosy pubs, and relish Irish delicacies that'll leave you craving for more.

My Dublin Delight

I’ll admit, Dublin had me under its spell from the moment I bit into the traditional Irish potato cake. Imagine strolling the bustling streets of the capital, laughing with friends, as the aroma of freshly baked soda bread wafts through the air. Anne, our fantastic guide, ushered us through hidden gems, sharing stories that brought Dublin to life. Each stop was a culinary revelation, from the melt-in-the-mouth smoked salmon to our little detour past Trinity College, echoing with history. Now, every time I think of Dublin, I remember those delightful tastes, the jovial conversations in tucked-away pubs, and Anne's orange umbrella leading the way. And oh, the soda bread? Dreamy!

Why Wait?

Time's ticking, and Dublin's delicious secrets aren't waiting for anyone. Picture those cosy streets, lively pubs, and scrumptious Irish bites waiting for you to explore. Trust me, you want to taste the real Dublin.

Key Details

PriceFrom €172.97 (Varies by group size)
Duration3 hours
Meeting PointCollege Green, Dublin, Ireland
End PointWicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
AccessibilityNot wheelchair accessible
Booking ConfirmationWithin 48 hours of booking

Exclusive Insights from My Dublin Adventure

  • Opt for comfortable walking shoes; the streets are charmingly uneven!
  • Don't fill up before the tour; there’s plenty to taste.
  • Keep your camera handy; you’ll want to capture the picturesque streets and food.
  • Engage with the guide. They’re a trove of tales and tidbits!

Praise from a Fellow Explorer: “Exactly what we hoped for. Ciaran was a delightful guide. Well-informed, entertaining, and ensured we were fed with Dublin’s best! 🍀🍀🍀🍀” – A TripAdvisor Reviewer, UK.

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Dublin Food and Drink Tour – A Full Flavour

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (1 Review) | 📍 Location: Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Dublin Food and Drink Tour - A Full Flavour
Credit: Tour Provider

Dublin's Culinary Delight

Roam the charming streets of Dublin, indulging in mouthwatering flavours with the Dublin Food and Drink Tour. Dive deep into Dublin's gastronomic scene and experience local favourites, street food, and traditional dishes, giving you a full flavour of the city.

My Gastronomic Journey Through Dublin

Walking through Dublin's historic streets was an experience in itself, but getting to savour the city's flavours along the way was the cherry on top! Our starting point, the majestic Henry Grattan Monument, set the tone for the journey ahead. As we meandered our way to Trinity College, The GPO, and Dublin Castle, we were treated to a variety of culinary delights. The Irish stew, simmering in rich flavours, and the velvety seafood chowder, reminiscent of Dublin's coastal heritage, were my personal favourites. And oh, the desserts! I couldn’t get enough of the sumptuous cake and the traditional Irish Coffee, which added a kick to our food journey. Mingling with fellow food enthusiasts and sharing our favourite food anecdotes made the experience even more special. The best part? The small group setting meant we all got ample time with our guide – a seasoned Dubliner brimming with local stories and food tips! Wondering if I stumbled upon any hidden gems. Well, let’s just say Dublin's local markets had some surprises in store!

Don't Just Read About It…

Imagine the joy of savouring Dublin's most cherished dishes while soaking in its rich history and culture. Now, stop imagining and live it! This tour promises an immersive experience you won't forget.

Quick Tour Facts

PriceFrom €55.00
Duration3 hours 30 minutes
LanguageOffered in English
IncludesTour guide, a surprise treat
ExclusionsFood and Drink, Gratuities
Physical LevelModerate Fitness Required

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Arrive with an appetite! From pastries to ice cream, there’s plenty to indulge in.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes; the city's treasures await!
  • Make sure to chat with your guide for local food recommendations.
  • Don’t forget your umbrella – Dublin’s weather can be unpredictable!

Review from a Guest: “I enjoyed this tour. Caroline was a great guide. She is very informative about Dublin. The food and drink were good. I'd recommend this tour.” – A Tripadvisor Reviewer, Sep 2023, UK.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Food Tours in Dublin

In my travels, tasting the local cuisine is the heartbeat of truly experiencing any destination. And in Dublin, it's no different. The vibrancy of its food tours, from street food to gourmet delights, captures the soul of the city. Walking amidst the historic streets while savouring Irish specialities, I felt an unforgettable blend of Dublin's culinary heritage and modern food innovations. Dublin’s culinary scene beckons, and trust me, each bite tells a story. For every food lover, Dublin isn't just a city – it’s a flavour-packed adventure waiting to unfold.

FAQs about Best Food Tours in Dublin

What makes Dublin's food tours so special?

In my experience, Dublin’s food tours beautifully blend the city's rich history with its evolving culinary landscape. From traditional Irish breakfasts to contemporary street foods, there's a gourmet adventure at every turn.

How long do these Dublin food tours typically last?

Most of the tours I’ve tried last between 3 to 4 hours, offering an immersive culinary experience while exploring the city's nooks and crannies.

Is there a chance to taste traditional Irish beverages on these tours?

Absolutely! Some of my personal highlights included sipping on Irish cream liqueur and whiskey, allowing me to taste the authentic spirit of Dublin.

How many food stops can I expect in a typical food tour?

The tours I’ve been on usually feature multiple stops, from artisanal cheese shops to hidden bakeries, ensuring a comprehensive taste of Dublin.

Are these food tours suitable for vegetarians or those with dietary restrictions?

From my adventures, many tours accommodate dietary needs. It's always best to notify the tour operators in advance to ensure a seamless experience.

Do the food tours only operate in the city centre?

While many tours explore Dublin's central food spots, I've also ventured on tours that led me to coastal areas like Howth, showcasing a different culinary side of the region.

How much should I budget for a Dublin food tour?

Prices vary based on the tour's length and inclusivity. In my journey, I've seen options ranging from €25 to over €189. Always check the inclusions to find one that matches your preferences and budget.

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👉 What's the Best Way to Get Around Dublin and Ireland?

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👉 Where Can I Book a Place to Stay in Dublin?

Maybe – For hotels, we recommend to compare places. If you are looking for a vacation rental, VRBO is a top choice. We advise reading reviews carefully before booking. (Read more)

👉 Which Site Finds the Cheapest Dublin Flights?

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👉 What's the Best Way to Get from the Airport to Dublin City Centre?

By Bus – The Dublin Express Bus is an affordable and convenient option. Taxis are readily available as well. (Read more)

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👉 Is There a City Pass to Access Multiple Dublin Attractions?

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