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Best Kid-Friendly Tours in Dublin

Dublin Amy EileenMM
Best Kid-Friendly Tours in Dublin

Ever hopped aboard a spooky ghost bus with kids in tow? Trust me, it's not as terrifying as it sounds, but oh, the tales you'll hear!

Dublin isn't just about the age-old pubs and traditional folk music. Nope, for me, it was diving into the ghostly legends on the Gravedigger Ghost Tour, giggling with my little ones as we heard tales of mischievous spirits. And while history can be daunting for kids, a trip to the National Wax Museum was a hit! We met celebs, and fictional characters, and even ventured into the Chamber of Horrors (with some hesitation, I admit).

Then, imagine our delight on a city sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus! One moment, we're watching the world pass by, and the next, we're off the bus, exploring a fascinating landmark. The blend of history and modern charm at every stop was enchanting. Plus, who could forget the genuine excitement on the kids' faces when they spotted their favourite animals at Dublin Zoo? Absolute magic!

Oh, and for those of you thinking of venturing beyond Dublin's heart, the Blarney Castle day trip is a gem. Kissing the Blarney Stone was a whimsical experience, though convincing the kids it'd give them the ‘gift of gab' was a task.

I've always believed that the joy of travel is in the memories you make. And Dublin? It's a memory box just waiting to be opened. But, what part of Dublin will make you and your little ones smile the most? Do tell!

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Kid-Friendly Tours in Dublin

Best Kid-Friendly Tours in DublinName
Best Haunted History ExperienceDublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour
Best Sightseeing Bus TourCity Sightseeing Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
Best Interactive Museum ExperienceSkip the Line: The National Wax Museum Admission Ticket
Best Customized Family ExperiencePrivate Dublin Tour for Families with a Local, 100% Personalized
Best Spooky Fun for KidsGhostbus Kids Tour
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Dublin Through a Child's Eyes: My Top Recommendations for Kid-Friendly Tours!

City Sightseeing Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5 (2,243 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

City Sightseeing Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Dublin Uncovered: A Journey Through Time and Culture

Dublin's rich tapestry of history, architecture, and vibrant nightlife unravels before your eyes with the City Sightseeing Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. The joy of choosing between 1- or 2-day tickets, the thrill of hopping on and off at iconic landmarks, and the immersive audio commentary all combine to offer an unmatched experience of the Emerald Isle's captivating capital. Ready to uncover Dublin's best-kept secrets?

A Day on the Emerald Isle

I'll be honest, before this tour, I had only read about Dublin’s charm in books and seen glimpses in movies. But aboard the open-top double-decker bus, I felt like I was reliving Dublin's tales from centuries gone by. How can I forget the awe-inspiring beauty of the St. Patrick's Cathedral? Or the enticing aroma that wafted through the air as we neared the Guinness Storehouse? And the Irish Whiskey Museum? Let’s just say I’ve developed a new appreciation for the amber liquid! Every turn, every stop brought a new discovery – from the historic Dublin Castle to the lively Temple Bar. The informative on-board commentary felt like a chat with an old friend, filling me in on local legends and anecdotes. Oh, and did I mention the added perks? The discounts at the Irish Whiskey Museum and Irish Day Tours were just the cherries on top! Curious about which stop was my absolute favourite?

Seize the Day

Dublin's allure is timeless, and its stories are waiting to be heard. Dive into a world where the past meets the present, and every corner has a tale to tell. Why just read about it when you can live it?

Tour Quick Facts

PriceFrom €29.00
Duration1 hour 45 minutes
Languages OfferedEnglish and 8 more
Start TimeVaries (First at 9:15 am, Last at 5 pm)
InclusionsDiscounts at museums, Gratuities
ExclusionsFood and drinks, Hotel pickup and drop-off

Exclusive Insights from My Dublin Journey

  • The early bird catches the worm! Start your day early to make the most of each stop.
  • If history’s your thing, don't skip the commentary at Dublin Castle – it’s filled with fascinating insights.
  • Got kids? Remember, they travel free with every paying adult. Now that’s a sweet deal!

Guest Review: “Never thought I'd fall in love with a city so quickly! The hop-on-hop-off tour was the best decision we made. From historic landmarks to modern-day attractions, it's a must-do!” – Sarah, Australia.

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Private Dublin Tour for Families with a Local, 100% Personalized

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 (2 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Private Dublin Tour for Families with a Local, 100% Personalized
Credit: Tour Provider

A Dublin Family Delight

Embark on a delightful journey through the vibrant streets of Dublin with this 100% personalised, family-centric tour. Small enough to navigate by foot, yet brimming with ageless charm, Dublin unfolds itself in ways to enchant both young minds and adults. From visiting the city's heart at St. Stephen’s Green to the enchanting Dublin Zoo, the tour culminates with a sumptuous afternoon tea and cake for all. Revel in the magic of Dublin while enjoying a hassle-free experience with all travels managed from your very hotel doorstep.

Dublin Through My Eyes

You know, I was initially unsure about this tour, thinking it might be the same old sights. But wow, was I wrong! Our local guide introduced us to a side of Dublin I'd never imagined. As I explored the Little Museum of Dublin, it was like walking through a living storybook. Every artefact had its own tale, and the kids were hooked! And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, we reached St. Stephen’s Green. Imagine an oasis in the heart of a bustling city. The serenity, the laughter of children, and the joy of families spending quality time together made my heart swell. Now, you might wonder, did it get a tad tiring? Sure! But nothing a scrumptious afternoon tea and cake couldn’t fix. And those cakes? Oh, my word, heavenly! Honestly, could there be a better way to see Dublin than through the eyes of a local?

Seize the Day!

Have you ever wanted a slice of authentic Dublin? Dive in! Grab the chance to truly experience this city. You won't just see Dublin, you'll feel it, and believe me, you'll be raving about it just as I am!

Quick Tour Facts

PriceFrom €106.55 (varies by group size)
Duration3 hours
Languages OfferedEnglish
Pickup OptionsHotel (central locations) or Ha'penny Bridge
Highlight AttractionsLittle Museum of Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Opt for a hotel meetup if you're staying central. It adds a touch of luxury to your experience!
  • The afternoon tea is a treat. Make sure you’ve built up an appetite!
  • If travelling with young ones, carry a light stroller. The city is best explored on foot.

Guest Review: “This tour is a gem! Dublin has never felt so alive and welcoming. The perfect blend of history, nature, and delightful treats. Our family adored every second!” – Anna, UK

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Ghostbus Kids Tour

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (10 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Ghostbus Kids Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Spooky Fun for Little Explorers!

Dublin's streets have a chilling side, and the Ghostbus Kids Tour promises a journey into its darkest corners. Tailored for young souls aged 7-14, this blend of interactive games, historical tales, and professional acting transforms Dublin's eerie past into a thrilling adventure. From Mad William's unsavoury cravings to Dublin's very own Count Dracula, children will be captivated and entertained, all whilst aboard the city's iconic Ghostbus.

My Unforgettable Dublin Day Out!

Honestly, the Ghostbus Kids Tour is nothing short of magical! Imagine me, basking in Dublin's charm, when suddenly, the stories of its eerie past come alive before my very eyes. Our guide, a brilliant actor and entertainer, didn't miss a beat. They narrated the tales of Mad William and Count Dracula so vividly; it was as if they were right there beside us. As I sipped my included coffee, and the kids got stuck into their lunch, the secrets of the bodysnatchers seemed eerily real. You know, standing at O'Connell Street, seeing places I'd walked by without a second thought, now teeming with tales of history and horror? An experience unlike any other. Would you believe it if I said the ending, at Dublin Bus's Head Office, had us yearning for more?

What Are You Waiting For?

The streets of Dublin hold tales that only the bravest can face. Dive into an adventure that’s been waiting centuries to be told. The Ghostbus awaits.

Quick Facts

PriceFrom €20.00
Duration1 hour 15 minutes
LanguageOffered in English
AccessibilityNot wheelchair accessible
Meeting Point12 O'Connell Street Lower, Dublin 1, Ireland
End Point59 O'Connell Street Upper, Dublin 1, Ireland

Exclusive Insights from My Dublin Adventure

  • Arrive early to soak in the ambience of the starting point.
  • If it's a chilly day, wrap up warm. Some stories can send shivers down your spine!
  • Engage with the guide; they have a treasure trove of tales.
  • Keep a close eye on your surroundings; you never know where a story will spring from!

Guest's Glimpse: “The entire family had a blast! A delightful mix of spookiness and fun, a must for any Dublin trip.” – Jessica, UK.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Kid-Friendly Tours in Dublin

In the vibrant heart of Dublin, I've uncovered magical experiences that children and families will forever cherish. From ghostly encounters to interactive museum explorations, there's a world awaiting young adventurers in Dublin's every nook and cranny. The hop-on-hop-off bus tours, spooky tales, and iconic wax figures make the heart flutter with delight. Every corner sings tales of history intertwined with modern fun. There's so much more to Dublin than meets the eye, and sharing these family-friendly treasures with you warms my heart. Here's to creating unforgettable memories in Dublin's charming streets!

FAQs about Best Kid-Friendly Tours in Dublin

What's one of the most thrilling tours for kids in Dublin?

In my experience, the Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour often stands out. It delves deep into haunted history, making for an exciting evening!

Is there a sightseeing option where we can choose our stops?

Absolutely! My top pick is the City Sightseeing Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour, which allows flexibility to explore at your own pace.

For those keen on pop culture, what do you suggest?

The National Wax Museum is a delight. Kids meet famous faces, from movie stars to notable Irish personalities.

Are there any personalized tours designed for families?

Yes, the Private Dublin Tour is 100% personalized for families, ensuring an experience tailor-made for your interests.

Is there something spooky yet suitable for kids?

Certainly! The Ghostbus Kids Tour is crafted especially for young ones, combining spooky stories with interactive games.

Any recommendations on the duration for these kid-friendly tours?

Most tours range from 1 to 3 hours, perfect for keeping the little ones engaged without wearing them out.

Are there any special deals available for these tours?

Many tours offer deals, discounts, and free cancellation. It's always best to check the details before booking to grab the best offers!

🙋‍♂️ Are we missing something?

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📣 Local Insider Tips: Plan Your Dream Trip to Dublin with Our Guide!

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👉 Where Can I Book a Place to Stay in Dublin?

Maybe – For hotels, we recommend to compare places. If you are looking for a vacation rental, VRBO is a top choice. We advise reading reviews carefully before booking. (Read more)

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👉 What's the Best Way to Get from the Airport to Dublin City Centre?

By Bus – The Dublin Express Bus is an affordable and convenient option. Taxis are readily available as well. (Read more)

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👉 Is There a City Pass to Access Multiple Dublin Attractions?

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Dublin, located along Ireland's east coast, offers several nearby attractions worth exploring. The Giants Causeway, Cliffs of Moher, Galway, and Belfast are all accessible by a short drive or flight. (Read More)

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