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10 Best Dermatologists in Dublin 2023

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Best Dermatologists in Dublin

Finding a great dermatologist can be one of the most important decisions you make for your skin health. Whether you are looking to treat an existing condition or prevent future problems, having an experienced and knowledgeable professional on your side can make all the difference.

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Dublin has some of the best dermatologists in Ireland, offering a wide range of treatments and expertise that will help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

From acne treatment to cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, these specialists have everything you need to keep your skin looking its best. They understand how delicate skin is and take special care with each patient they see — their goal is always to ensure excellent results without compromising safety or comfort levels. You’ll find that many of them even offer advanced technologies such as laser therapy for age spots, wrinkles, scars, hair removal and more!

The staff at each clinic are friendly yet professional; they will quickly put you at ease while providing comprehensive advice about any concerns or issues that may arise during treatment. No matter what type of service you’re seeking (whether it’s routine maintenance or something more complex) there’s sure to be a qualified specialist in Dublin who can provide quality care tailored to meet your individual needs.

With so many highly-rated clinics across the city it’s easy to find top-notch services from trusted professionals who truly value their clients’ satisfaction above all else!

Here’s what you’ll learn from reading this article:

  • Dublin has some of the best dermatologists in Ireland, with many highly experienced and qualified professionals offering a wide range of treatments and services.
  • The city is home to numerous clinics that specialize in skin care and offer advanced procedures such as laser hair removal, botox injections, acne treatment, chemical peels and fillers.
  • Dermatologists in Dublin are renowned for their expertise in diagnosing and treating skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.
  • Many clinics provide holistic approaches to skincare which include providing lifestyle advice on how diet affects your skin’s health as well as recommending non-invasive solutions like topical creams or sun protection products.

Get the Skin Health You Deserve: Find the Best Dermatologists in Dublin

Amara Clinic – Doctor Led Medical Aesthetics

Operated by a skilled and highly qualified team of professionals, Amara Clinic is a doctor-led clinic that aims to provide the best possible services to their clients. Honest and dedicated are the best ways to describe the professional ethics of Amara Clinics workers.

From skin consultations to hydra facials and treatments for rosacea, sun damaged skin, acne, sagging skin and large pores Amara Clinic offers it all.  The clinic opens at 9:30 am from Mondays to Fridays and at 9:00 am on Saturday with Sundays being off. It is based in Sapphire House, Fitzwilliam St Upper, Dublin.

Amara Clinic prides itself on giving subtle, natural yet satisfying results to its cherished customers as can be testified by its stellar five-star reviews online. 

Institute of Dermatologists

Founded in 2019 by Professor Caitriona Ryan and Nicola Ralph, the Institute of Dermatologists has strived since then to not only meet but exceed the highest benchmarks of Dermatology in order to create an enjoyable experience for patients. The Institute of Dermatology has all the latest modern technology and equipment. They have a plethora of laser treatments, minimally invasive cosmetics procedures, they also provide a range of treatments such as lip fillers, dermaplaning facials, anti-wrinkle injections, psoriasis treatment and rosacea treatment.

The clinic believes in the importance of their patients being informed regarding their skin health, so they make the best decisions. The Institute of Dermatologists recommend regular skin consultations to mitigate the risk of any skin related illnesses arising. However, a GP referral letter is required prior to making an appointment for a consultation. In the spirit of safe and professional practice, only Consultant Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons perform anti-wrinkle, Belkyra and dermal filler injections.

A convenient and highly useful service that the institute offers is their cosmetic suite gift vouchers. These vouchers can act as the perfect gift for a loved one, they can be redeemed for facials, cosmetic treatments, or miscellaneous skin care products. It is important to note that the vouchers cannot be used for medical consultations, anti-wrinkle injections or Dermal Fillers. For a luxurious environment and caring, patient-centric experience you can find the Institute of Dermatologist’s at 10 Pembroke Place, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, D04 V1W6. 

Baggot Street Dermatology

Feeling confident in one’s own skin is something everyone should be able to experience, Baggot Street Dermatology led by Dr Sharon Dillon is a private clinic in Dublin that aims to help you feel your best. The clinic offers consultations that help you determine your skin type so that specialized solutions can be offered to you. The medical professional staff has almost two decades of experience under their belt regarding skin treatment. 

Baggot Street Dermatology offers services like Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Skin Treatments, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial rejuvenation, Micro needling, Acne treatment and Rosacea treatment. The extent to which they care about their patients can be seen from their commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic where they offered consultations via video call. The Baggot Street Dermatology consists of the highly qualified Dr Sharon Dillon who is a member of the Primary Care Surgical Association and British College of Aesthetic Medicine, she also has experience as a cosmetic doctor. The team also includes Airmid McSeain, an RGN who’s experienced with aesthetic dermatology, laser technology and the impacts of holistic treatments on client’s wellbeing and health. The clinic can be found in Dublin at 10 Baggot Street Upper.

The Adare Clinic

Adare cosmetics was created in 2008, a year later Adare Cosmetics Clinic was established by Dr. Naomi Mackle. The clinic has medical professionals that put their patients at ease and listen to their queries with an open mind. If you’re someone who struggles with waiting long amounts of time for an appointment at a hospital, then you could benefit from Adare Cosmetics Clinics appointments. These can be accessed within one or two weeks, allowing you to avail the perks of treatment from registered doctors and highly qualified dermatologists equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The clinic has two outlets, one based in Limerick and the other in Dublin at 4 Clare Street. Both offer mole removal, mole screening, Profhilo, Juvenus and wart removals and chemical peels. Aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers are also offered. The skilled staff at Adare Clinic can provide the best possible care for the management of Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Contact Dermatitis and Hair Loss. 

The Adare Clinic places strong emphasis on their booking policy in order to create an efficient system that makes the booking process simple and easy for their patients, if clients cancel 2 days prior to the appointment no cancellation charge occurs, in order to arrange an appointment on another day a fee of €100 is charged.

Beacon Face & Dermatology

Established in 2006 by Mr Kambiz Golchin, the Beacon Face & Dermatology is popular for its leading technology. A primary goal for the clinic is to be the early adopters for new cosmetic trends and innovative services that they can offer to clients. Beacon Face & Dermatology is the first Irish clinic to offer EMSCULPT to patients. There are two other clinics in Cork and Killarney, each clinic has maintained the high standards that are offered at its Dublin clinic. The Dublin clinic is located in The Beacon Hospital. 

Whether your goal is focusing on reversing the signs of aging, hindering it or simply getting a thorough consultation, the clinic is able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. A modern, bright, and vibrant interior creates the perfect ambiance to relax you for your cosmetic transformation. Beacon Face & Dermatology does not generally require a referral letter for an appointment; however, it is essential for an ENT appointment or correctional procedure. Consultation fees vary according to each case, the first consultation involves a medical history review, examination, and detailed discussion of your concerns. The clinic does not see dermatology patients/referrals; however, Beacon Hospital can be contacted for consultant dermatologist recommendations. 

Cosmetic Doctor

Since 2006 Dr Lisa Fay and her team have been providing diverse non-surgical cosmetic treatments to patients. These include but aren’t limited to laser hair removal, laser thread vein removal, IPL rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments.

The founder and Medical Director of Cosmetic Doctor Lisa Fay is a vocationally trained GP with almost 16 years of clinical experience. She has privately trained with some of the most esteemed doctors in the industry and remains passionate about high quality services in aesthetic medicine. 

Occasionally the clinic offers special discounts packages to commemorate holidays, events or special dates. Patients can benefit from availing these generous and convenient offers. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, taking care of it is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and well-being. The Cosmetic Doctor is a clinic that understands this importance and can offer you the treatments you require for optimum skin health.

NewDerm Clinic

Often a dermatological experience is not confined to just the final end product or results you receive from the treatment but rather the journey and services you are offered along the way. NewDerm helps create a life changing journey for you. New Derm’s values center around authenticity and creativity. It was set up by sisters Dr Olga Samafalava who specialised in non-invasive cosmetic procedures and Viktoria O’Keeffe an advanced aesthetic practitioner. Victoria is the co-founder and has ample experience with progressive rejuvenation and innovative treatments. 

One of the best features of NewDerm clinic is that in the interest of their patients’ wellbeing the clinic offers a free consultation and caters to patients’ concerns and questions with due diligence. 

NewDerm’s medical staff is trained in their certified onsite aesthetic academy. The South Dublin Clinic is equipped with modern, state of the art technology that the clinic strongly claims is above that of competitors in the industry. Your patient experience is further made convenient and stress-free by the expansive site that has safe off-road parking and a private entrance.

The Derma Clinic Monkstown

At Derma Medical Clinics, they provide a specialized range of treatments to assist improve your appearance, regenerate your skin, and avoid the indications of aging. They use the highest quality dermal fillers and wrinkle-smoothing infusions available on the market. All of their treatments are performed by highly talented and knowledgeable doctors, who are well-known in the field as both aesthetic consultants and renowned aesthetic medicine instructors. 

Derma Clinic’s doctors are true perfectionists who like listening to and advising patients before performing the agreed-upon treatment, assuring patient happiness and the finest possible results.

The Derma Clinic has won numerous awards for its work such as the Finest Clinic Ireland Aesthetics Awards, as chosen by industry professionals in London. Image Magazine awarded Best Skin Clinic thrice, as well as Commended Aesthetic Awards. Since 1999, they have focused exclusively on aesthetic medicine, marking them as amongst the most accomplished laser and skin clinics.

Healthy Skin Clinic

Healthy Skin Clinic was established with the goal of providing high-quality skin treatments with a clinical approach under one roof. Healthy Skin Clinic, composed of experienced doctors and skin care specialists offers cutting-edge skin treatments and skincare solutions.

The lead clinician Fidelma O’ Dowd has over 20 years of experience in the field. Their skilled dermatologists provide premium aesthetics, dermatology, mesotherapy, and other skin rejuvenation treatments with safety and quality at the forefront of their services, however the clinic is mostly well known for its mesotherapy. Healthy Skin Clinic’s ultimate goal is to help you reach the skin confidence you’ve always desired.

They offer a variety of most successful nonsurgical and surgical solutions. With an aim to deliver time-tested, safe, and natural treatments that produce effective outcomes their aesthetic medicine specialists and leading dermatologists have outstanding experience. If you’re in need of a consultation, they provide expert advice on recovery remedies from their skincare range since the Healthy Skin Clinic are stockists to many leading medical skin care brands.

Thérapie Clinic – South William Street

Open Monday to Saturday and based on South William Street, Dublin the Thérapie Clinic, takes a holistic approach towards beauty and skin health by assisting their clients in discovering the greatest possible version of themselves. 

Thérapie Clinic has built a niche for itself by providing the most economical, accessible, and cutting-edge Laser and Aesthetic treatments available anywhere in the world. The clinic offers free, in-depth consultations where patients’ desired outcomes are discussed, and treatments are tailored to suit their individualized needs. They offer a plethora of treatments such as dermal fillers, lip fillers as well as other skin treatments to work on conditions such as acne scarring, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

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What should you look for in a dermatologist?

Finding the right dermatologist can be a daunting task. After all, your skin is one of the most important parts of your body and you want to make sure it’s in good hands! Whether you have a serious skin condition or just need some advice on skincare products, having an experienced dermatologist by your side can ensure that you get the best possible care and treatment for any issues that arise.

When searching for a dermatologist, there are a few key traits to look out for:

  1. Experience – Make sure they have experience with whatever issue you are looking to address. If their practice caters solely towards acne treatments but you’re looking for mole removal, chances are they won’t be able to provide adequate help.
  2. Education – The more prestigious the school from which they graduated, usually means better training and better knowledge base when it comes to treating certain conditions and recommending skincare products/regimens/etc.
  3. Reputation – It doesn’t hurt to read online reviews about them or ask around if anyone has had experiences with this particular doctor so that you know what kind of services they offer before booking an appointment yourself!
  4. Communication skills – You should feel comfortable talking openly with them about any concerns or questions during appointments as well as over email/phone calls between visits; good communication is essential in building trust between patient and practitioner!
  5. Compassionate demeanor– When dealing with sensitive issues such as skin health, finding someone who understands how uncomfortable certain situations may be can make all the difference in helping patients feel supported throughout their journey towards recovery or improvement in overall wellbeing goals related specifically (or even generally) related too skincare matters..
  6. Accessibility – Ensure that their office hours fit into yours comfortably; find out if they accept insurance plans; inquire whether virtual consultations are available (if needed); etc., these factors will influence how often & easily accessible care might be moving forward!

By taking into account each of these considerations when seeking out a dermatologist, you’ll increase your chances of getting proper assistance tailored exactly according to individual needs while also feeling safe & secure under professional guidance every step along way!

What Services Do Dermatologists Offer?

Have you ever been in the sun for too long and ended up with a bad sunburn? This happened to me recently, and I was so mad at myself. I knew better than to stay out baking in the sun like that, but it can be tough to remember when you’re having a great day outside.

Thankfully, my visit to the dermatologist set me straight.

I had no idea what kind of services they offered until then! Dermatologists do more than treat skin conditions — they also offer preventive care and cosmetic procedures designed to keep your skin healthy long-term.

Here are some of the services that dermatologists provide:

  • Skin Cancer Screening: A major part of any dermatologist’s job is detecting signs of skin cancer early on before it progresses further. During your appointment, your doctor will check different areas of your body for any suspicious moles or lesions which could indicate potential health risks. They may take biopsies if necessary as well as refer patients for additional tests if needed.
  • Acne Treatment: Acne is one of those things we all deal with at some point in our lives–and sometimes it just won’t go away no matter what product or regimen we try! That’s where a dermatologist comes in; they have specialized knowledge about acne treatment options and can help you find an effective solution tailored specifically for your needs.
  • Cosmetic Procedures: From laser hair removal treatments and chemical peels to injectables like Botox®️, dermal fillers, and Kybella®, there are many ways that modern technology has advanced skincare treatments over time! Your dermatologist can help assess whether certain cosmetic procedures might make sense based on your individual goals while providing valuable information about their effectiveness and safety profiles too!
  • Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment: If you’re experiencing thinning hair or bald spots due to genetics or other medical factors such as alopecia areata (patchy baldness), then visiting a qualified provider who specialised in hair loss issues may be beneficial for finding solutions that work best for you—both medically-related therapies as well as lifestyle changes/supplements that could potentially slow down further progression if applicable!

In conclusion, seeing a board certified physician who specialised exclusively in treating skin conditions offers numerous benefits beyond just helping manage existing ones—it’s also important from both a preventative standpoint (catching potential issues early) as well as being able to access cutting edge technologies related specifically towards non-invasive aesthetic enhancements too!

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Dermatologist?

Seeing a dermatologist can be incredibly beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. From diagnosing skin conditions to administering treatments, a doctor of dermatology can provide you with the care you need to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling comfortable.

It’s important to take time out of your busy schedule to visit the dermatologist on a regular basis – that way, any potential problems or changes in your skin will be addressed early on before they get worse. Here are just some of the benefits that come along with seeing a dermatologist:

Diagnosis & Treatment – A qualified dermatologist is trained specifically in understanding how different types of skin diseases work and how best to treat them. Whether it’s acne, psoriasis, rosacea or something else entirely; they have all the knowledge necessary when it comes to diagnosis and treatment options available.

Prevention & Education – A good doctor doesn’t merely treat existing issues but also works proactively towards preventing them from occurring again in the future through education about proper skincare habits as well as lifestyle advice where applicable (e.g., sun protection). They may even suggest certain products that could help improve problem areas too!

Skin Cancer Screening– Dermatologists are experts when it comes to identifying signs of potentially serious conditions such as melanoma and other forms of cancerous growths on the skin . Early detection is key here so having an annual screening carried out by an experienced specialist should not be overlooked if you want peace-of-mind about this important aspect of health maintenance!

Overall, there are numerous advantages associated with regularly visiting a dermatologist – why wait until something goes wrong? Taking proactive steps today towards keeping your skin healthy now can save yourself countless worries down the line – invest in yourself now so you don’t regret later!

What are the pros and cons of consulting a Dermatologist in Dublin?

Consulting a dermatologist in Dublin can be an excellent way to tackle any skin issues you may have. There are great advantages to consulting a dermatologist, but there are also some drawbacks that should be taken into consideration.

One of the biggest advantages of consulting a dermatologist is their specialized knowledge and experience with diagnosing and treating skin conditions. Dermatologists use sophisticated tools such as biopsies, patch tests, and ultraviolet light examinations to diagnose skin problems accurately. They are also well-versed in prescribing medications or topical treatments for your specific condition if needed. Additionally, you may receive advice on lifestyle changes which could help improve your overall health and impact your skin positively too.

On the other hand, one potential disadvantage of visiting a dermatologist is cost; although prices vary depending on where you go, many private clinics tend to charge higher fees than public hospitals or medical centers do. Furthermore, it can take time before being able to get an appointment with a dermatologist due to high demand – especially during peak seasons like summer when more people seek treatment for sunburns or acne breakouts.

Lastly, depending on the severity of the problem you face with your skin issue(s), more complex procedures might need multiple visits over time – something that can add up both financially and time-wise in terms of traveling back and forth from appointments if they’re far away from home/workplace etc..

Overall though – taking all these pros & cons into account – visiting a reputable local Dublin based Dermatology clinic would still prove beneficial as long as one takes necessary steps (i.e researching affordable options beforehand) & prepares for possible inconveniences along the way!

  1. Access to a specialist who can diagnose skin problems accurately and provide appropriate treatments.
  2. The ability to receive personalized advice on the best treatment for your condition or desired aesthetic outcome.
  3. An opportunity to discuss lifestyle changes that may help improve your skin health.
  4. Potential access to advanced technology such as laser therapy or chemical peels which are not available in general practice clinics.
  1. Cost – Dermatologists often charge more than what you might pay at a GP clinic, so it’s important to factor this into any cost comparison when deciding whether consulting a dermatologist is right for you.
  2. Time – depending on availability, wait times for appointments with dermatologists may be longer than those of general practitioners (GPs).


In conclusion, finding the right dermatologist in Dublin can be a challenge. However, with this list of recommended dermatologists you are sure to find one that is perfect for your needs. Whether you are looking for medical aesthetics or more general skin care treatments, these best dermatologists in Dublin have it all covered.

From Amara Clinic and Institute of Dermatologists to Baggot Street Dermatology and The Adare Clinic – each clinic offers a wide range of services from experienced professionals dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire.

Beacon Face & Dermatology, Cosmetic Doctor, NewDerm Clinic, The Derma Clinic Monkstown and Healthy Skin Clinic also provide excellent skincare solutions tailored to individual needs. Finally Thérapie Clinic – South William Street provides an array of advanced facial aesthetic treatments with highly trained practitioners specialising in laser treatments as well as injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers.

If any of these clinics sound like they may be able to help you reach your skincare goals then why not visit their websites today? You can find out more about what they offer or even book an appointment online without leaving the comfort of your own home!

We encourage readers who have had experiences at any of these services mentioned here in this article to share their stories below so others can benefit from them too!

FAQs about Dermatologists in Dublin

▷ What is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

▷ How do I find the best Dermatologists in Dublin?

The best way to find a qualified dermatologist in Dublin is through online directories or patient reviews. You can also ask your friends or family for recommendations.

▷ When should I see a Dermatologist?

You should visit a dermatologist if you have concerns about changes in your skin, hair, or nails that don’t go away after self-care measures and if you experience persistent itching without a visible rash, unusual moles, unexplained redness, bumps that don’t heal, thickened fingernails, or patches of discoloration.

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