Don’t Let the Weather Hold You Back: Open Water Swimming in Dublin for Triathletes, Rain or Shine

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Open Water Swimming In Dublin For Triathletes

Heya, triathletes in Dublin! Feeling a bit bored with your training routine?

Let me tell you something; open-water swimming is where it’s at. Yeah, sure, weather and location can pose some problems but don’t sweat it when you can join a local club for guidance from experienced coaches and support from killer triathlete friends.

But if group swims aren’t your jam, get some sweet gear instead: wetsuits are like portable saunas for colder temps (who needs feeling in their toes anyway?), goggles and swim caps increase visibility and protect against potential jellyfish or rogue waves. Plus, who wants dull lap lanes when unpredictable currents and wind make each open-water swim unique?

Just trust us; there’s so much goodness to reap from adding open-water swimming into your regimen: improved technique (uhh yes plz), mental toughness (#mentallystrong), variety (#breakthemold) – to name a few!

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Now let’s dive into some great spots around Dublin.

Beginners should check out The Forty Foot at Sandycove- face-plants in front of strangers build character! Seapoint offers top-notch facilities, including communal showers for that universal locker room experience;).

Killiney Beach has clear-as-crystal waters, so long as hunger pains won’t kill ya before finishing the dip… I recommend packing light snacks beforehand 😉 Bull Island packs quite the scenic punch if stroke breaks are more your vibe – nature rocks our socks off.

Is newbie panic mode activated? Not necessary, my friend!

Start small with baby steps – wear that wetsuit even during summer heat waves! Safety comes first, though; partner up–misery loves company, after all–keep aware of those surroundings, especially looking out for sharks or koalas…I mean, come on, we all know both can be dangerous creatures #safetyfirst

Mix things up between pool dips and open water thrills #surprisesarefun. Gage your progress by keeping track of apps or journals; it’s healthy to occasionally compare success against others occasionally…

So there you have it – endless possibilities for triathletes eager to shake things up! So take the plunge (quite literally) and dive right in, ready for anything that comes along the way! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️

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