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10 Best Drain Cleaning Companies in Dublin  2023

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Best Drain Cleaning Companies in Dublin

If you live in Dublin, you know that having a reliable and trustworthy drain cleaning company is essential. After all, nobody wants to be stuck with a clogged up or broken down drain. But how do you find the right one? That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best drain cleaning companies in Dublin – so you can make an informed decision when it comes to finding the perfect solution for your needs.

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We understand that no two homes are alike, which means different types of drains require different solutions. Whether it’s due to age, wear and tear, or just plain bad luck – clogged drains happen; but thankfully there are some great professionals out there who specialize in fixing them quickly and efficiently! From small jobs like blocked toilets and sinks to bigger projects such as sewer pipe replacements – these top-notch companies have got your back.

We’ve done extensive research into each of these businesses so that we can give you an honest opinion on what they offer: from their reputation among customers, prices charged for services rendered, customer service excellence ratings – everything has been taken into account before making our selection.

So if you’re looking for guaranteed results at reasonable prices then look no further than this list! We guarantee satisfaction by only recommending the very best drainage experts around town who get results fast without compromising quality workmanship.

Here’s what you’ll learn from reading this article:

  • Drain cleaning companies in Dublin provide fast and reliable service – they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring your drain is fixed quickly and efficiently.
  • Reputable Dublin drain cleaning companies will use the latest technologies to effectively clear out any clogs or blockages in your drains without damaging them or leaving behind any residue.
  • Professional technicians from these companies are knowledgeable about the different types of pipes and drains found in Irish homes, so they can easily diagnose and fix whatever issue you may have with your plumbing system.

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day – call one of these companies instead!

Total Drain Cleaning

Total Drain Cleaning offers a comprehensive range of drain services with a quick turnaround time. The team has over ten years of industry experience cleaning and repairing drainage systems.

It aims to deliver the best customer experience that meets high-industry standards. It guarantees a professional, reliable, and friendly service every time. The business is available 24/7 for all small and large drain emergencies. It also serves the surrounding areas of Meath, Kildare, and Wicklow.

Total Drain Cleaning serves all domestic and commercial clients, responding to all calls as quickly as possible. It resolves drain blockages within an hour. The company ensures that the team resolves it fast. Services available include emergency call-outs, blocked drains, drain relining, drain tracing, preventative maintenance, odour tracing, facilities management, drain inspection, and high-pressure water jetting.

Drain Relining or pipe relining repairs any cracks or breaks in the pipes within a drainage system. It is a revolutionary method that uses fibreglass matter and specialised resin.
Other services include commercial drains, drain cleaning, blocked pipes, drain repairs, CCTV drain surveys, excavation work, rodent control, manhole cover replacement, pre-purchase surveys, and car park drains.

DC Drain Cleaning

DC Drain Cleaning company provides professional drainage solutions in Dublin. For over 15 years, it has been operating a customer-first policy across multiple industries and sectors. It provides clients with two hours or less response time for all call-outs. It’s reliable, especially during emergencies.

The drain cleaning company is open 24/7 in counties including Meath, Kildare, Wicklow, and Louth. Big names and blue-chip companies trust DC Drain Cleaning. It offers a no-charge call-out fee. The company priced its services at an affordable and reasonable price.

As a leading provider of drainage solutions, the company uses machinery to carry out many drainage services. As a skilled team, it inspects to diagnose the problem accurately. The draining services include drain surveys, jetting, repairs, and replacement. Being a customer-centric company, the team communicates to the client the work process. Clients receive updates on the work progress.

The residential services include drain repairs, blocked drains, CCTV drain surveys, tanker services, and grease traps. The team can also solve drain unblocking, septic tank, and cesspit emptying problems. Other services include drain tracing, rat flaps, disinfection service, drain lining/relining, odor investigation, unblocking toilets, showers, baths, and soil stack and cleaning maintenance.

Dublin Drain

Dublin Drain Company is one of Dublin’s leading drainage and plumbing companies. It’s a drainage blockage specialist for the residential sector, industrial sector, commercial sector, public sector, and private homeowners.

The company stands out for its high-quality work. Based on the high standards implemented by its drainage engineers and plumbers. Regardless of the size and complexity of the problem, its team guarantees to solve the plumbing issues. A Quickchef Catering’s staff testifies that Dublin Drain provides excellent customer service and “super fast” problem identification. The company is ready to assist clients with various cleaning services. It’s a reliable company that provides a fast, efficient, and professional response. The team provides rapid action call-outs and offers free quotations.

Services offered: Emergency Call-Outs, Plumbing Services, Blocked Drains, High-Pressure Water Jets, Grease Traps, Pipe-Lining and Restoration, Blocked Sinks, Blocked Toilets, Blocked Baths, Blocked Showers, Drain Repairs, Drainage Replacement, and CCTV Inspections. The company complies with a safety policy to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of employees during operations.

Greenday Environmental

Greenday Environmental is one of Ireland’s leading domestic, commercial, and industrial drainage specialists. It has been serving Dublin for 25 years. After Absolute Drain Services Ltd acquired it in 2009, the drainage service continued to improve year after year.

The company’s strengths include well-coordinated projects, efficient turnaround time, and its expert team. Through coordination, the management team, operational team, and technical staff are always on the same page. There’s no room for miscommunication. The team achieves best-in-class service through the in-house training provided by the company. The goal is to train engineers to the highest standard and skills. It advances their knowledge, helping them to be competitive in the field.

Greenday Environmental helped to build the National Association of Drainage Engineers of Ireland. The organisation aims to replicate Greenday Environmental’s standards throughout the industry.

The company’s services include drain cleaning, drain survey, odour investigation, drain repair, grease trap cleaning, and unblocking services. It offers 24-hour, comprehensive drainage services across Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Stillorgan Drain Cleaning – Clearing Blocked Drains

Stillorgan Drain Cleaning is a drainage service company that provides fast-call-outs within 90 minutes and a 24/7 emergency call-out service. It serves clients from North Dublin and South Dublin. Part of its emergency call-out services includes blocked toilets in homes, burst pipes, leaks, drain blockages, and all major drainage and blockage issues. Other emergency call-outs include rat flaps for drains, gas boiler service, and power washing.

Power washing includes power wash driveway, patio power washing, exterior power washing, graffiti removal power washing, and brickwork power washing. The company uses a Saniflo system for toilet-related problems. It covers toilet repair, installation, servicing, and pump repair. Stillorgan Drain Cleaning offers same-day repair call-outs at an affordable price.

It also implements honest pricing with no hidden costs. The company is proud of its experienced drain cleaners. They respond and work on the concerns immediately. It also guarantees safe work because the company ensures all work is fully insured. The property is safe as the trained plumbers can work for domestic and commercial plumbing and wastewater treatment.

Drain Doctor Dublin

A&T Drains T/A Drain Doctor has been unblocking drains since 2000. For over two decades, it has become one of Ireland’s leading 24-hr cleaning and unblocking drain experts. It covers the 01 and 04 areas. Twenty-one vehicles carry out different drain cleaning works. It covers issues such as drain cleaning, CCTV Drain survey, emergency plumbing, unblocking toilets, drain repair, and pump division. It also covers excavation works, grease traps, gutter cleaning, rodent investigation, septic tanks, and smoke testing.

The company’s pump division provides pump services and maintenance to residential, commercial, and businesses. It supplies booster sets, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, and circulation pumps.

A&T Drains T/A Drain Doctor uses smoke testing. The new technique locates a defect in the drainage system. They commonly used it for odour detection. It is also ideal to investigate damaged pipes that a CCTV survey may not navigate around. Drain Doctor experts always seek new advances to solve the drainage problem.

Drain Fix Services

Drain Fix Services offers the latest and most innovative drain cleaning and unblocking technology. For over 20 decades in the industry, it has mastered the services efficiently. The common issues it services include blocked kitchen sinks, blocked bathroom sinks, clogged drains, and blocked pipes. It also addresses sewage problems, blocked baths, and toilets.

It has been serving professional drain cleaning and unblocking service across Dublin, Bray, and Wicklow Town. The company accepts projects of all sizes for domestic and commercial customers. It has gained a strong reputation for its quality of service and dedication to customer care. It offers its service 24/7. It offers the Ratflap system that protects the drainage system from unwanted rodents. It removes the rodents from the drainage system and blocks any return. The system creates a barrier in the drainage, but it allows water to flow through the system.

For excavations service, the company uses JCB and mini diggers that handle excavation of any project size. The team deals with complicated excavation work. They restore the pipe system to its optimum condition. The excavation service includes site assessment, health and safety consideration, site reinstatement, qualified personnel, and domestic and commercial work.

Unbeatable Drain Cleaning

Unbeatable Drain Cleaning has booked various domestic and commercial customers for over 15 years. It offers contract-based services for maintenance and call-out services for emergency problems. The company focuses on fixing drain-related issues and preventive maintenance jobs.

It covers most drainage problems such as drain cleaning, unblocking and repair, grease trap cleaning, septic tank cleaning, oil interceptor cleaning, CCTV drainage inspections, Ratflap system, and odour investigation. The oil interceptor cleaning service empties the waste accumulated, causing blockages and overflow. It includes maintenance to ensure that the risk of fire is eliminated. The fully licensed team disposes of the waste in an environment-friendly way.

The well-trained team is fully insured. It has first aid training, confined space training, safe pass training, and manual handling training. Other training includes high-pressure water jetting, CCTV camera surveying and reporting, and electromechanical and milling machines.
The company operates transparent pricing for all drain cleaning jobs. Before the work begins, clients know the project price. Quotations are available for complex projects.

Gflow Drain Services

Gflow Drain Services is a fast-response drainage service company offering reasonable rates and free advice. It has free CCTV inspection and a 10% discount for senior citizens and physically impaired customers.

The company provides a 24/7 emergency drainage service in Dublin and surrounding areas. Clients can find the company on North Circular Road, Dublin 7. It guarantees a reliable response system. The drain service company uses CCTV drain surveys to investigate and identify any problems within the drainage system. It provides an in-depth report detailing all issues found. Rapid repair services are also available. It is an option for clients before the damage becomes irreversible. It is perfect to use the service before purchasing a property.

The draining experts use high-pressure water jetting. It is an effective way to maintain and clean pipework. The water jetting can unblock the drains or descale and clean the drainage system. It also removes grease, silt, and stone. It offers other services, including no dig repair, planned prevention measures, manhole replacement, and rodent prevention.

Drain Cleaning, Clearance & Blocked Drains Dublin by Urban Drains

Urban Drain Cleaning is a family business operating for six years serving over 700 clients in five counties. It offers clearance of Saniflo systems, cleaning of gulleys, unblocking of AJs, shores, main foul lines clearance, and cleaning and sewage lines clearance. Drain repairs cover toilet drains, outdoor drains and septic tanks.

It has the right equipment, licensed technicians, and responsive customer service. It uses high-power hose and rods to clean the drains. High-tech inspection systems are used to find blockages or for pest control purposes. The company has several happy clients who become loyal patrons. One client said the company was the only one to spot the drain issues at bay for a few years.

“Great advice, brilliant service, and most of all, great rates.” – Another client said that Robbie was one of the most genuine people you could ever meet. He is a nice guy that turns up when he says he will. It is an efficient company that busy clients find reliable even in emergencies.

⚠️ How We Rank: The ranking of the services on HeyDublin is chosen randomly if not otherwise noted. This means that any given service has an equal chance of being ranked first, second, third, etc. regardless of its quality or popularity. The only exception to this is if a service is marked as “featured”, in which case it will always be ranked first. Since we continually update this list, we cannot ensure your business will remain listed. Only featured businesses will remain listed.

⚠️ How We Review: Reading honest reviews can provide valuable information before making a purchase or visit, it helps to know others’ experience with a business or place. HeyDublin provides accurate and unbiased ratings to make life easier. Read More…

What are some tips for using a Drain Cleaning service?

Are you dealing with a clogged drain and looking for the best way to get it unclogged? Drain cleaning services can be an excellent solution! Below are some tips to help you make sure that your experience is as pleasant and successful as possible.

  • Research: Before deciding which drain cleaning service to hire, do some research into the available options in your area and read reviews from previous customers. This will give you a better idea of who has had success in removing tough clogs and who has not.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the process, techniques used, pricing structure, etc., before committing to any one company or contractor. You want someone who knows what they’re doing so make sure all your questions are answered before making a decision.
  • Maintenance Tips: After getting your drains cleaned out by professionals, take steps towards preventing future clog issues by running hot water down them regularly or using non-chemical cleaners occasionally such as baking soda/vinegar solutions or enzymatic cleaners that break down grease buildup without damaging pipes over time like chemical cleaners do .
  • Inspections: Requesting inspections after every drain cleaning service is also important; this helps ensure that no further damage was caused during the process while also giving both parties peace of mind knowing everything went according to plan (and if there were any additional problems that need addressing).
  • Emergency Services: It never hurts to have an emergency contact number handy in case something goes wrong outside regular business hours – most companies offer 24hr services for these situations! So make sure you keep their information somewhere accessible just in case things don’t go according to plan at first attempt (or even second!).

Following these tips should help ensure a successful experience when hiring professional drain cleaning services – providing quick relief from those pesky clogs while also helping prevent them from coming back anytime soon!

Why Hire a Drain Cleaning Company in Dublin?

Having a clogged drain can be an incredibly frustrating experience. It can lead to standing water, bad smells, and even plumbing system damage. If you’re in Dublin and your drains are blocked or slow-moving, it’s important to call in the professionals. Hiring a professional drain cleaning company in Dublin is the best way to get your drainage systems running smoothly again.

Professional drain cleaners have years of experience dealing with all kinds of drainage issues – from minor blockages to complex repairs that require sophisticated tools and techniques. They’ll be able to identify what’s causing the problem quickly so they can take action as soon as possible before any further damage occurs.

Professional drain cleaning companies also use quality equipment such as high-pressure water jets which produce powerful streams of pressurized water that blast away debris from inside pipes and drains without damaging them. This ensures that the job is done properly each time so there won’t be any more problems for months or even years down the line!

In addition, hiring a professional drain cleaning company means you won’t need additional services like excavation or pipe replacement if something goes wrong during the repairs process – this could save you both time and money compared to other methods of clearing blocked drains.

Furthermore, many reputable companies offer warranties on their work so customers know they will be covered should anything go wrong after they leave – peace of mind at its best!

All these benefits make hiring a professional drain cleaning company in Dublin well worth it; not only do you get quick results but long lasting ones too!

What are the pros and cons of using Drain Cleaning Companies in Dublin?

With so many drain cleaning companies in Dublin, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. While some offer great services at a reasonable price, others may not provide the same quality of service or reliability. Before deciding on which company to hire, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

One of the main advantages of using a professional drain cleaning company in Dublin is that they have all the necessary tools and equipment required for any job. From high-pressure jetters to CCTV cameras, they have everything they need to get your drains running smoothly again quickly and efficiently. It also means that you don’t have to worry about buying expensive specialist equipment yourself.

Another benefit is that these professionals usually guarantee their workmanship; this gives customers peace of mind knowing that their problem will be solved properly without having any further problems down the line. Professional cleaners also often use eco-friendly products as part of their rounds, reducing environmental impact and helping keep our city clean!

Unfortunately there are some potential drawbacks with using a local drain cleaning company too; namely cost and convenience being two major factors here. Depending on how extensive work needs doing or what time you require them (e.g evenings or weekends) prices can go up significantly compared with regular working hours during the weekdays – something worth bearing in mind when budgeting accordingly!

In conclusion, while there are both pros and cons associated with hiring a professional drain cleaning company in Dublin, overall it can generally prove more beneficial than attempting DIY methods if your drains become blocked or clogged up over time – saving money as well as stress!

  1. They use the latest technologies and equipment to clear your drains quickly and efficiently.
  2. They also have the expertise to deal with any clogs or blockages, no matter how big or small.
  3. With their help, you can rest assured that your drains will be free of any build-up or debris.
  1. You may have to pay a fee for their services.
  2. They may not be able to completely clear a very stubborn blockage.


In conclusion, Dublin is home to many reliable and quality drain cleaning companies. From small family-run businesses to large industry giants, there are a variety of options available for those seeking professional help with their blocked drains.

There is something for everyone in the city; whether you have a minor clog or need more extensive repairs, one of these services will be able to assist you. They use sophisticated equipment such as CCTV cameras and hydro jets to identify where the problem lies and come up with the best possible solution. With years of experience under their belts, each company offers an unparalleled level of expertise – meaning you can rest easy knowing that your drainage system is being taken care of by people who know what they’re doing!

We strongly recommend any one of these drain cleaning companies if you find yourself dealing with a blocked drain issue in Dublin – but don’t take our word for it – visit this article’s website for reviews from customers who have already used them! Share your experiences at any service provider mentioned here too so others can benefit from it as well!

FAQs about Drain Cleaning Services in Dublin

▷ What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is the process of unclogging drains and pipes from debris, such as hair, grease, soap scum, food particles, and other blockages.

▷ Why should I use a professional drain cleaning company in Dublin?

Professional drain cleaning companies in Dublin are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of drainage systems; they can provide quality services quickly and efficiently to ensure your home or business runs smoothly with minimal disruption.

▷ How do I know which companies are reputable in Dublin?

It’s best to research various companies online by reading reviews from past customers, checking out Better Business Bureau ratings if available, looking for certifications or licenses specific to the industry (such as ISO 9001), etc., before making your decision. You can also ask friends/family or colleagues who have used similar services in the past for recommendations.

▷ How much does it cost to hire a professional drain cleaner in Dublin?

The cost of hiring a professional depends on factors such as the type of blockage, size of pipe, complexity of the job, as well other related costs for supplies or labor. Generally speaking prices range from €50-€200 per hour depending on these factors.

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