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Bucket List Ready: Best Sightseeing Tours in Ireland (2023 Edition)

Best Sightseeing Tours in Ireland

Ever thought of diving deep into the beauty of Ireland beyond just Dublin? I have, and trust me, it's nothing short of magical!

Ireland, renowned for its lush landscapes and historic landmarks, always called out to me. I recall the sheer awe I felt as I stood atop the Cliffs of Moher. The view? Absolutely breathtaking! Then there was Galway City – a delightful mix of modern energy and ancient charm.

Visiting the Giant's Causeway from Dublin was another highlight. The geometric marvels of nature left me and many fellow explorers speechless. And who could forget the intrigue of Belfast? Riding around in a traditional black cab, I was captivated by tales of its complex past.

Oh, and I can't leave out the joy of watching the nimble border collies at the sheepdog trials in the Wicklow Mountains. It was an authentic Irish experience that warmed my heart.

With each tour and every sight, Ireland unveiled its tales, mysteries, and beauty to me in ways I'd never imagined. But now, I've got to ask: Ready to craft your own Irish story? Which gem will you discover first?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Sightseeing Tours in Ireland

Best Sightseeing Tours in IrelandName
Stunning Coastal ViewsCliffs of Moher Tour Including Wild Atlantic Way and Galway City from Dublin
Historical and Cultural ExperienceFast-track Easy Access Book of Kells Tour with Dublin Castle
City Highlights and FlexibilityDoDublin Hop-On Hop-Off City Sightseeing Bus Tour with Live Guide
Game of Thrones Filming Location & Natural WondersNorthern Ireland Highlights Day Trip Including Giant's Causeway from Dublin
Scenic Beauty of South-East IrelandKilkenny, Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough, Sheep Dog Trials, Day Trip from Dublin
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My Memorable Journey: Unveiling Ireland's Hidden Touristic Treasures.

Ring Of Kerry Tour

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (199 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Killarney, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Ring Of Kerry Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

A Glimpse Into The Emerald Journey

The Ring of Kerry Tour is a captivating voyage around the iconic Irish landscape, offering a blend of coastal magic and lush green countryside. With a comfortable minibus journey that breezes through the narrow roads, this full-day tour promises unforgettable sights such as Waterville Beach and the picturesque Ladies' View. Dive deep into the Irish soul, where the air is laced with history, mystery, and the ocean's salt.

Journey Into the Irish Soul

When I first set foot on the Ring of Kerry, I was embraced by a landscape that seemed to whisper ancient tales in my ears. As the minibus navigated the delicate turns, the windows painted live artworks of Waterville Beach and the Ladies' View. The thrill of the salty air, as I strolled the Promenade in Waterville, felt like a gentle Irish kiss. And the brief stop at Kerry Bog Village Museum was like stepping back in time. The tour was intimate, with just the right number of fellow adventurers, making every moment feel personalised. What caught me by surprise? The sheer joy of relinquishing the driving seat and immersing myself completely in the experience. Who knew the view was so much more enchanting without the worry of the next turn? And the cherry on top? Kevin, our guide, with his bag full of intriguing tales and anecdotes that added layers to the landscape. Ever wondered what it feels like to have Ireland come alive around you? This is it!

Why Wait? Ireland's Magic Awaits!

Don't just take my word for it. Dive into the emerald heart of Ireland and let the Ring of Kerry spin its enchantment around you. An experience waiting to be your story!

Essential Tour Facts

PriceFrom €39.00
Duration7 hours
LanguageOffered in English
InclusionsAir-conditioned vehicle
Meeting Time09:00 AM
HighlightsKillarney National Park, Waterville Beach, Kerry Bog Village Museum

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Opt for a window seat in the minibus – it transforms the journey into a cinematic experience.
  • Do interact with Kevin, the guide; his stories are the soul of the tour.
  • Don't forget to take a leisurely walk on the Waterville Promenade; it's rejuvenating.

Guest Experience: “I've travelled the world, but nothing compares to the charm of the Ring of Kerry. The sights, the stories, the experience – pure magic!” – Michael_F, USA.

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From Galway: Aran Islands & Cliffs of Moher including Cliffs of Moher cruise

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5 (1,894 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Galway, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

From Galway Aran Islands & Cliffs of Moher including Cliffs of Moher cruise.
Credit: Tour Provider

Your Irish Gem Awaits!

The untamed beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way awaits as you set forth from the picturesque city of Galway. This journey effortlessly combines the rugged serenity of the Aran Islands and the majestic Cliffs of Moher. As the cool Atlantic breeze tousles your hair, discover the time-forgotten villages, breathtaking cliffs, and the spirit of Ireland.

A Day I'll Never Forget…

I'll be honest, I had high expectations when I signed up for this tour, but nothing could've prepared me for the sheer magic of that day. The ferry ride from Doolin to Inisheer Island was an adventure on its own. My heart raced with excitement as the island's age-old tales seemed to echo in the wind.

As the ferry passed beneath the colossal Cliffs of Moher, it felt like a scene from an epic movie. I stood at the bow, soaking in every inch of the impressive cliffs towering above. On the island, a delightful local shared tales of his ancestors, adding a touch of authenticity to the adventure.

Returning to Doolin, I climbed to the top of the Cliffs of Moher. The panoramic view of the Atlantic, juxtaposed with Ireland's lush landscapes, was surreal. Now, do you remember your favourite movie scene with breathtaking landscapes? This was ten times better. Plus, there’s a moment atop those cliffs that words can’t quite capture. Want to know what I mean? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself!

Don't Wait for Tomorrow

Every moment spent on this tour feels like a page from a fairy tale. Ireland's enchanting allure is at its best in this experience. Why just read about it, when the adventure of a lifetime awaits?

Essential Tour Information:

PriceFrom €70.00
Duration10 hours
Language OfferedEnglish
Start Time09:00 AM
Meeting PointMerchant's Road, Galway
What's IncludedLocal Driver / Guide, Live Commentary, etc.

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Opt for a spot at the bow during the ferry ride; the views are unparalleled!
  • Engage with the locals on Inisheer Island, their stories are captivating.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; there's a lot of walking, but every step's worth it.

Review from a Guest: “I've been to many places, but this tour is a cut above the rest. The breathtaking landscapes, the heartwarming tales, and the sheer beauty of nature were overwhelming. Highly recommended!” – John D., Australia.

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Cliffs of Moher and Burren Day Trip, Including Dunguaire Castle, Aillwee Cave, and Doolin from Galway

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5 (1,354 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Galway, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Cliffs of Moher and Burren Day Trip, Including Dunguaire Castle, Aillwee Cave, and Doolin from Galway
Credit: Tour Provider

The Breathtaking Adventure Awaits

Nestled among Ireland's rugged landscapes lies an experience that'll leave you captivated. Dive into the beauty of the Burren region, and marvel at the majestic Cliffs of Moher. With Dunguaire Castle's centuries-old allure and the mysterious depths of the Aillwee Cave, this day trip from Galway promises adventure, awe, and memories to cherish.

My Irish Adventure

Discovering Ireland's raw beauty became a personal highlight when I embarked on this mesmerising journey from Galway. Right off the bat, Dunguaire Castle stole my heart. Just imagine, standing by a 1520's castle overlooking Galway Bay, feeling like a character in a historical novel. Then, as I ventured into the Burren, the moon-like limestone terrain felt like I'd been transported to another world. The pièce de résistance? Standing atop the Cliffs of Moher, with the fierce waves crashing below and the horizon stretching out beyond. The gentle song of native birds and the taste of fresh air, mixed with the comforting hum of the ocean, made it all unforgettable. Of course, no journey would be complete without a pitstop. Doolin, with its charm and warmth, was the cherry on top. Ever tried the local pie? I recommend it!

The Call of Adventure

The winds of Ireland are calling, whispering tales of ancient castles, breathtaking cliffs, and hidden caves. Uncover these secrets, and let the heart of Ireland capture yours.

Essential Tour Details

PriceFrom €50.00
Duration8 hours
LanguagesOffered in English
Meeting PointLally Tours Pick Up Point, 10 Forster St, Galway
InclusionsLocal guide, Air-conditioned vehicle, Entrance fees

Exclusive Insights from My Journey

  • Definitely wear comfortable shoes! Some terrains can be a bit tricky.
  • For those looking to capture the beauty, bring a camera – the landscapes are stunning.
  • Taste the local cuisine at Doolin, the pies are particularly delectable.
  • If you're an early riser, aim for the morning tour to avoid crowds.

Guest's Thoughts: “An unforgettable day trip that captured the essence of Ireland. From the towering cliffs to the historical castle, every moment was picture-perfect!” – Lucy, UK.

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House of Waterford Crystal Guided Factory Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5 (2,088 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Waterford, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

House of Waterford Crystal Guided Factory Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Crystal Clear Magic in Waterford

Step into a realm where crystal reigns supreme! The House of Waterford Crystal Guided Factory Tour gives visitors a mesmerising behind-the-scenes look into the intricate and age-old process of crystal making. From meeting skilled craftsmen to watching molten crystals take majestic shapes, this experience promises a rare insight into one of the world's most cherished crafts.

My Unforgettable Crystal Adventure

The first thing that struck me upon entering the House of Waterford Crystal was the sheer glow that seemed to radiate from every corner. Wandering through the factory, I was enchanted by the mould room. Witnessing craftsmen shape molten crystals using traditional wooden moulds and hand tools felt like stepping back in time.

But the real magic unfolded in the blowing department. The sight of glowing balls of crystal, shimmering in the fiery embrace of a 1300-degree furnace, left me awestruck. Each piece seemed to come alive, whispering tales of history, craftsmanship, and sheer dedication.

The retail store was the grand finale. Rows upon rows of gleaming Waterford Crystals, each more beautiful than the next, beckoned me. And as I explored, I found myself wondering: how does each piece tell its own unique story?

Don't Just Take My Word for It…

Experience the wonder of Waterford Crystal for yourself. Dive into a world where each sparkle holds a story and where craftsmanship meets pure passion. Trust me; it's an adventure you'll cherish forever.

Tour Snapshot

PriceFrom €17.00
DurationApproximately 1 hour
Languages OfferedEnglish
Opening HoursVary based on date (see specific timings)
InclusionsGuided Factory Tour, Opulent Retail Store, Cafe, Parking

Exclusive Insights from My Crystal Quest

  • Meet the Masters: Ensure you engage with the craftsmen. Their tales add depth to every shimmering piece.
  • Retail Store Splurge: The retail store is more than just a shop; it's an experience. Don't rush; savour every moment.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The tour is wheelchair friendly, so everyone can enjoy the magic!

A Fellow Traveller's Take: “An enchanting journey into the heart of crystal craftsmanship. Truly, a sparkling gem of an experience!” – Emma, United Kingdom.

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Cliffs of Moher Day Trip from Galway

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5 (1,232 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Galway, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Cliffs of Moher Day Trip from Galway
Credit: Tour Provider

A Breath-Taking Escape to the Majestic Cliffs

Experience the allure of Ireland's most sought-after attraction on a full-day journey from the bustling streets of Galway. Revel in the magnificence of the UNESCO-listed Cliffs of Moher, and get lost in the mystical charm of ancient structures like Dunguaire Castle. Wander through the lunar-like terrain of the Burren and indulge in the picturesque sights of quaint fishing villages like Doolin and Kinvara. This day trip promises nothing but captivating moments and unforgettable vistas.

My Unforgettable Journey to the Cliffs

I'll confess, my heart was racing with anticipation on the morning of the tour. The whispers of the Cliffs of Moher's grandeur had filled my ears for so long, and now, the day had finally arrived. The luxury coach ride, with its plush seats and panoramic windows, made the journey to Dunguaire Castle seem like a breeze. The castle, standing proud in Kinvara, seemed straight out of a fairy tale, and I couldn’t resist capturing its beauty.

The real magic unfolded when we reached the Burren. It felt as if we had stepped into another world, where the echoes of ancient legends whispered through the unique limestone formations. But nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for the overwhelming emotions as I stood atop the Cliffs of Moher. The roaring waves, the sheer drop, and the vast expanse of the Atlantic stretched out before me – it was a sight to behold! And those Harry Potter vibes? Oh, it was like a dream!

Insider tip: The Cliffs get a special orange hue during sunset. Staying back for that, if you can, is something you'll cherish forever.

Don't Just Read About It!

I promise, words hardly do justice to the sheer wonder of the Cliffs of Moher. Dive headfirst into the magic, experience it firsthand, and etch memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Essential Tour Details

PriceFrom €50.00
Duration8 hours 15 minutes
Offered LanguageEnglish
Meeting PointKinlay Hostel, Galway
InclusionsDriver/Guide, Entrance Fee

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • The little village of Doolin nearby is perfect for a quick bite; their seafood is to die for.
  • Bring a windbreaker; the Cliffs can be a tad breezy.
  • Don't miss the O'Brien's Tower. The panoramic view from there is unparalleled.
  • Pack your best camera. Every moment here is Instagram-worthy.

Guest's Thoughts: “The sheer beauty of the Cliffs left me speechless! Every moment of the tour was meticulously planned and executed. Truly a day I'll cherish forever.” – Lucy, UK.

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Connemara Day Trip Including Leenane Village and Kylemore Abbey from Galway

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5 (489 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Galway, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Connemara Day Trip Including Leenane Village and Kylemore Abbey from Galway
Credit: Tour Provider

A Connemara Gem Awaits

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Connemara, where the allure of Leenane Village and the majestic Kylemore Abbey promises to leave you spellbound. Let the rugged beauty of the Twelve Pins mountain range serve as a backdrop, while you uncover Ireland's rich heritage, one village at a time.

A Day in Connemara I'll Never Forget!

You know those trips where every moment feels like a scene out of a storybook? This Connemara day trip was one of those for me. The drive through the mesmerising Twelve Pins mountain range felt surreal, almost like gliding through a painting. When I reached Leenane Village, the serenity was palpable. The small chit-chats with the locals in Spiddal, a quaint Irish-speaking village, were the cherries on top. But the pièce de résistance was Kylemore Abbey. Its majestic architecture juxtaposed against the natural beauty, was nothing short of magical. The blend of nature, architecture, and culture made this trip an experience of a lifetime. My tip? Don't forget your camera; you’ll want to freeze every moment!

Before You Go!

If you haven’t already experienced the magic of Connemara, it's high time you did! This isn't just a tour; it's a doorway to an enchanting Irish fairy tale, waiting for you to step in.

Quick Tour Facts

PriceFrom €50.00
Duration7 hours 30 minutes
LanguageOffered in: English
Pickup & DropHYDE Hotel, Forster St, Galway
IncludesHotel Pickup, Air-conditioned vehicle, Guide

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Engage with the locals in Spiddal; their stories add layers to the beauty of Connemara.
  • The best views? They're often just around the corner. Stay curious and explore a bit on foot.
  • Don't skip on local delicacies during your free time; they're as much a part of the experience.

Guest Reviews: “Absolutely mesmerising! From the captivating landscapes to the profound history of Kylemore Abbey, every moment was enchanting. Can't wait to go back!” – Isabelle, France.

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Killarney National Park Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5 (233 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Killarney, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Killarney National Park Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

Journey Through Time and Beauty

Embark on a horse-drawn tour through Ireland's oldest national park. This bespoke experience takes you past shimmering lakes, and majestic mountains, and along routes that cars cannot access. Add to this the allure of the 15th-century Ross Castle, and you've got a tour that's both charming and informative, with a sense of intimacy that only a private carriage can provide.

A Ride to Remember

Oh, where to begin! The rhythmic clip-clop of the horse’s hooves, the gentle sway of the carriage, and the crisp Irish air brushing past my face—it was nothing short of magical. As we ventured deeper into Killarney National Park, every turn unveiled another breathtaking view. My heart especially leapt when we approached Ross Castle. Choosing the lakes route, I was greeted with a pristine view of the castle reflecting in the calm waters—a photographer's dream! Our guide sprinkled our journey with tales and histories, which felt like whispered secrets shared just with me. The highlight? Pausing by the lakeshore, feeling the stillness, and capturing a picture that's worth a thousand memories. Ever wondered what it feels like to travel back in time, all while enveloped by nature’s grandeur? This tour captures that essence.

Don't Wait! Dive into History & Nature's Embrace

Waiting will only lead to regret. The Killarney National Park Tour is a symphony of nature and history, waiting to be experienced. Grab your seat in the carriage, let the journey sweep you away, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Tour At A Glance

PriceFrom €38.99 (Varies by group size)
DurationApprox. 1 hour
InclusionsPrivate transportation, On-board commentary, Professional Guide
Meeting PointDeenagh Lodge, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Opt for the lakes route for a pristine view of Ross Castle.
  • Don’t forget your camera! The park offers countless photo ops.
  • Engage with your guide—they have a wealth of tales and tidbits to share.
  • Dress warmly. The Irish breeze can be quite crisp, even in the sun.

Guest's Voice: “The tour was simply enchanting! Every turn felt like a scene from a fairy-tale. Damien and Molly (the horse) made our tour unforgettable.” – Eleanor, UK.

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Big Bus Dublin Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Tour with Live Guide

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5 (927 Reviews) | 📍 Location: County Dublin, Ireland | 👉 Check Availability

Big Bus Dublin Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Tour with Live Guide
Credit: Tour Provider

Engaging Explorations in Dublin

Dublin, a city of history and charm, comes alive aboard the Big Bus Dublin Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Tour. With your ticket, valid for 24 to 72 hours, you can explore Dublin at your own pace, hopping on and off at 25 strategic stops. Not just your ordinary bus ride, this is an experience enhanced with live or audio commentary that narrates the rich Irish tales and tales of yesteryears.

A Dubliner for a Day

I’ll admit, I had my reservations when I first boarded the bus on Upper O'Connell Street. Yet, by the end of the journey, I felt like a true Dubliner! The live guide, brimming with wit and wisdom, brought Dublin's streets to life. Meandering down Nassau Street, taking in the grandeur of the National Gallery of Ireland, and feeling the pulse of the city at College Green was truly exhilarating. I was particularly taken with the stop at St. Stephen's Green, where I got a chance to stroll and appreciate its beauty. It felt as though the city whispered its secrets in my ear, making me feel right at home. The mix of history, modernity, and the genuine warmth of the locals? Absolutely unforgettable. Curious about which stop would be your favourite?

An Experience Not to Miss!

Trust me, once you've experienced the magic of this tour, Dublin will have captured a special place in your heart. Dive deep into its stories and let the city weave its spell around you.

Quick Tour Facts

PriceFrom €29.70
Duration1 hour 45 minutes
Languages OfferedEnglish + 8 more
Stops Included25 stops
Live CommentaryAvailable on Red Route
Recorded Commentary Languages8 languages
Hotel Pickup and Drop-offIncluded

Exclusive Insights from My Dublin Day

  • Opt for the live guide on the Red Route for an engaging journey full of fun anecdotes.
  • The best photo spot? Try St. Stephen's Green North, right opposite the Little Museum of Dublin.
  • Don't miss the guided walking tour – it's included with all tickets.
  • Check their app for live bus tracking. No more guessing!

Review from a Guest: “Absolutely loved this tour! Every stop was a new adventure, and the live guide was a delightful storyteller. Felt like I truly got to know Dublin.” – Rebecca, Australia.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Sightseeing Tours in Ireland

In my travels, few places have captured my heart like Ireland. Every twist and turn on those winding roads reveals landscapes that take my breath away, from the towering Cliffs of Moher to the enchanting streets of Galway City. The thrill of hopping on a sightseeing bus in Dublin or witnessing the geological wonder of the Giant's Causeway makes every trip an unforgettable adventure. Ireland's historical treasures, combined with its scenic beauty, offer experiences like no other. Sharing these journeys feels like handing over a piece of my soul, hoping you'll feel the magic just as I have.

FAQs about Best Sightseeing Tours in Ireland

Why is the Cliffs of Moher Tour a Must-See in Ireland?

Having travelled through Ireland extensively, I can confidently say that the Cliffs of Moher, with their rugged beauty and the picturesque Wild Atlantic Way, stand out as an absolute gem.

How did the Book of Kells Tour resonate with me?

During my visit, I was mesmerized by the Book of Kells at Trinity College Library. The history behind this ancient treasure brought medieval Ireland alive before my very eyes.

What made the DoDublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour special for me?

For me, the flexibility to explore Dublin at my own pace and the intriguing live commentary offered an intimate and personalized city experience.

How can I best enjoy Galway City during the Cliffs of Moher Tour?

I always advise travellers to soak in the cosmopolitan charm of Galway during their leisure time. Its blend of art, culture, and history is unparalleled.

Why did the Giant's Causeway Tour from Dublin leave an impression on me?

Journeying to the UNESCO–listed Giant’s Causeway was like stepping into a geological wonderland. Coupled with the dramatic Dunluce Castle, it was a day to remember.

What makes the Ring of Kerry Tour unique from my perspective?

Travelling the scenic Ring of Kerry in a cosy minibus allowed me to witness landscapes, both breathtaking and intimate, that larger buses often miss.

How do I decide between morning or evening sightseeing tours in Ireland?

Based on my experiences, morning tours offer a fresh start, while evening tours bring out a different, often more tranquil, ambience of the locations. The choice truly hinges on one's personal preference.

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