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Top Picks 2023: Best Banks in Ireland (Trusted by Locals)

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Best Bank in Ireland

Trying to find the best Irish bank? Look no further! At an Irish Bank, you'll see a reliable financial institution to manage your funds and investments personally. But with so many banks to choose from in Ireland, it can take time to decide which one is right for you.

We're here to guide you on investing wisely while selecting the ideal Irish bank fit for all your needs. Maybe you have some extra cash saved up and want to make intelligent investment choices, or perhaps you need help managing day-to-day finances better — either way — we've got you covered.

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Over the years, I've become somewhat of an Irish banking enthusiast, diving deep into the nooks and crannies of what makes them tick. And let me tell you, the nuances and insights are nothing short of intriguing! Sharing this with you feels like sharing a hidden treasure. With the info I've unearthed, I promise you'll be banking like a pro in no time. Ready to unlock the world of Irish banking? Let’s go!Dermont Cullen

For instance, did you know that most banks offer tools such as budget calculators that inspire potential customers on how they spend their money each month and remind them when bills are due? It's true! Plus, if customers select wisely, some of these services are complimentary, too! It couldn't get any better than that, could it?

But let's take it even further…what about those looking for long-term savings options or opening investment accounts specifically tailored toward retirement goals? Don't worry – Irish Banks can do this too! With various levels of customer service support available through web banking systems and mobile apps today, many people are taking advantage of online banking convenience at its best within seconds, making stay-at-home transactions easier.

So whether it's improving your everyday lifestyle, tracking expenses, or setting yourself up financially later down the road, check out what kind of perks are available by exploring which bank best suits your desires correctly. By considering some simple advice provided within this article, we believe that not only will our readers pick up great ways to make sound decisions, but we guarantee they'll also come away feeling informed without missing a beat afterwards!

Here's what you'll learn from reading this article:

  • Ireland is home to some of the best financial institutions in the world.
  • The Irish banks offer various services for customers ranging from savings to investment bank accounts.
  • Banks in Ireland are dedicated to providing locals with sound financial advice and secure banking products.
  • By researching online or speaking with an advisor, it’s easy to find the right Irish bank that offers competitive rates on investment options and a superior customer experience.

Disclosure: We partake in select partnerships, enabling us to benefit from some purchases you make via our provided links. This comes at no extra charge to you, and we value your continued patronage! 👏😀

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Don't Settle for Just Any Irish Bank: Get the Best of the Best Here Now!

Revolut – Ireland's Modern Banking

Revolut has truly shifted the paradigms of banking in Ireland since its inception in 2015. This UK-born financial technology giant, known for pushing the boundaries, offers Irish locals digital banking that feels like tomorrow – sans the traditional fees. From interbank currency exchange rates to cryptocurrency trading, they've curated an impressive blend of modern banking solutions for the tech-driven Irish community.

A quick glance at Revolut

Pricing Options: Standard (Free) to Ultra (€45/month)
Languages: Multilingual Support
Duration: Instant Account Setup
Features: Currency Exchange, Cryptocurrency, Subscription Management, Travel Perks, and more.
Regulation: Authorized by the Bank of Lithuania, Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

Exclusive Insights from My Revolut Voyage

  • Cryptocurrency: Always keep an eye on market trends before diving into the world of digital coins.
  • Expense Analytics: Use them wisely to reshape your monthly budgets.
  • Travel Insurance: Don't forget to activate it before your next trip; it's a lifesaver!

My Digital Banking Experience Unveiled

Upon diving into the world of Revolut, the sheer breadth of features took my breath away. Setting up was a breeze, and before I knew it, my entire financial world was comfortably nested in this beautiful app. The notification ping, confirming my coffee purchase, felt reassuring. And talking about purchases, their feature of breaking down my expenses? Absolute game-changer! The monthly summaries made me re-evaluate some choices (Goodbye, fourth cup of coffee!). And for someone who dabbles in cryptocurrency, Revolut made buying and selling incredibly seamless. The app also let me handle my subscriptions effortlessly, and with Apple Pay compatibility, checkouts were swifter than ever! The day I ventured into their investment options was a revelation. The risks were right there, transparent and clear, making my decisions informed. Oh, and the travel benefits? They felt tailor-made for my wanderlust-filled heart. But what stood out the most? It was the sense of being connected with a global community while having an Irish IBAN, making local transactions smooth.

A Note from Another Explorer

“I've been with traditional banks, but Revolut? It's like stepping into the future. Swift, reliable, and transparent. Loved every bit of it!” – Sean O'Reilly, Dublin

Don't Just Take My Word for It

Honestly, there's a whole world inside Revolut waiting to be explored. If there's ever been a time to get on board with digital banking in Ireland, it's now!

*For new customers only, T&Cs Apply

Bank of Ireland

Established in 1783, the Bank of Ireland stands as one of the country's most time-honoured financial institutions. It is one of the largest banks in Ireland by market capitalization and customer base and offers a broad spectrum of banking and financial services, from basic current accounts to complex investment solutions. With a rich history that intertwines with Ireland's own story, the Bank of Ireland has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers while staying true to its core values.

  • Another of the “Big Four” Irish banks
  • Over 250 branches and 2,400 ATMs in Ireland
  • Provides personal, business, and corporate banking
  • Mobile app allows remote check deposits
  • Voted “Best Bank in Ireland” for customer service

AIB Bank

Allied Irish Bank, commonly known as AIB, is undoubtedly one of Ireland's banking giants. Founded in 1966, it has made its mark through customer-centric services, innovation, and a robust presence across the nation. AIB offers everything from personal and corporate banking to treasury and international banking services. Its commitment to the community and persistent effort to stay ahead of the curve has made AIB a household name in Irish banking.

  • One of the “Big Four” traditional Irish banks
  • Over 200 branches and 1,500 ATMs across Ireland
  • Offers current accounts, loans, mortgages, and more
  • Digital banking through online and mobile app
  • Received “Best Digital Banking Experience” award in 2022

Permanent TSB

Permanent TSB has its roots dating back to the 1880s and has since become a pivotal player in Ireland's banking scene. While it has faced challenges over the decades, the bank has remained resilient, focusing on providing personal banking services to the Irish populace. Permanent TSB prides itself on its straightforward banking solutions and its commitment to community values.

  • Specializes in current accounts, savings, loans, mortgages
  • Over 80 branches and more than 550 ATMs nationwide
  • 24/7 digital banking through web and mobile app
  • Part of permanent tsb Group, an Irish financial services company


Originating from Germany, N26 is a fully digital bank that aims to redesign banking for the modern age. Since its introduction to the Irish market, N26 has garnered attention for its sleek user interface, transparent fee structures, and efficient customer service. Offering real-time transaction notifications, spending analytics, and flexible saving options, N26 brings a fresh approach to the Irish banking ecosystem.

  • Mobile bank with accounts managed through app
  • Over 7 million customers across Europe
  • Offers standard and premium account options
  • ATM withdrawals have EUR 2 fee after the free limit
  • Voted “Best Bank in the World” in 2023 by Forbes

CitiBank Europe

As a part of the global Citigroup Inc., CitiBank Europe has brought international standards and a wide range of services to the Irish market. Established in Dublin in the 1960s, it has been a go-to for those looking for global banking solutions. From wealth management to investment banking, CitiBank Europe offers comprehensive financial services backed by a global network.

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What Are Some Tips for Finding The Best Bank in Ireland?

There is no denying that finding a bank that meets your needs is crucial when investing in a financial institution within Ireland.

This means understanding and researching banking options, Irish bankers and any applicable laws related to banking in Ireland. By taking the necessary time and effort to make an informed decision, you can more easily identify which bank is right for you.

From looking into online services available through banks, additional services like overdraft protection and exploring investment income opportunities with trustworthy institutions – each person's individual needs require some consideration when deciding which Irish Bank may be best suited for them.

Here are some helpful tips on how to find the Best Bank in Ireland:

  1. Researching what Banks Offer: Start by making sure that all available information about potential banks is considered meticulously since this will aid significantly during evaluation processes such as security policies, fees or types of accounts offered, among other relevant topics;
  2. Understand Your Needs: Establishing exactly why you need this particular financial representative vehicle should be made just before jumping at any offers from specific banks – considering factors such as ease of access due to distances;
  3. Evaluating Trustworthiness & Stability: Distraction away from promotional bonuses or extra incentives — look into an entity's stability through checking browser ratings but especially after testimonies experienced customers have served graciously;
  4. Comparing Fees And Interest Rates: Comparing fee structures across targeted entities- comparing interest rates they offer against debt repayments plus adding up monthly transfers between different account locations if needed;
  5. Acquiring Relevant Documentation: Once all metrics above have been assessed, it's time to correctly apply thoroughly based on the proper knowledge those application skills have honed before blindly submitting forms without justified familiarisation.
  6. Examining Prospective Influence Of Bonds/Insurance Products Provided: Inviting over meaningful conversations between prospective agents and their' policies coverage departments trying to acquire a much trusted overall view on insurance together wits respective bond combinations being introduced us both cost-efficient interactions future relationships negotiation stages purposes.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Bank In Ireland?

When looking for the best bank in Ireland, it's hard to overlook that Irish banks offer competitive interest rates and a wide range of services. From student banking to pension funds, plenty of options are available to suit any individual needs. In addition, most Irish financial institutions provide customers with a secure environment – meaning customers do not need to worry about their money being lost or stolen.

Furthermore, many banks these days offer online banking services and mobile apps enabling individuals to access account information anytime – even when they're away from home! This makes budgeting and tracking spending an absolute breeze.

The downside of choosing an Irish Bank is that some products may carry higher interest rates than those offered elsewhere, resulting in more incredible difficulty obtaining returns on investments made with them. Additionally, security measures across different providers vary, so it's essential always check a given bank is reputable before putting your trust in them for your finances. You may also find investing items such as stocks or bonds have comparatively restricted freedom here compared to international companies operating within Ireland's boundaries!

Overall, though, if you're looking for reliably reasonable fees and customer service, then Irish Banks might be the way forward for you – providing that you still have time to research security measures thoroughly as part of this process!

  1. Financial institutions in Ireland have a strong reputation for offering competitive rates of interest on their bank accounts.
  2. Irish banks offer a wide range of services which are suitable for people from all backgrounds, including student banking and pension funds.
  3. Most Irish financial institutions provide a secure environment where customers can invest funds without fear of losing them through theft or fraud.
  4. Many banks also offer online banking and mobile apps which enable customers to access their account information at any time.
  1. Interest rates on some banking products in Ireland may be higher making it difficult to gain return on investment.
  2. Banks in Ireland vary in security measures and you should ensure your chosen bank is reputable.
  3. There may not be as much choice in terms of providers when it comes to investing items such as stocks or bonds compared to larger international companies.

In a Nutshell

For those seeking the best bank in Ireland, we recommend arming yourself with knowledge of all available services, fees and security measures. With so many options available from Irish Financial Institutions today, you'll soon find something to suit your needs! Take advantage of the competitive interest rates and unique mobile apps that some banks offer- make sure you do your homework before choosing what's best suited for you.

So, explore which Irish Bank is right for your needs today!

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FAQs about Banks in Ireland

▷ What is the safest bank in Ireland?

The safest bank in Ireland is one that offers great customer service, advanced security measures and reliable banking services. For ultimate peace of mind, customers should look for features like multi-factor authentication, robust encryption and secure sockets layer technology. Additionally, the best banks will have a good consumer track record with excellent reviews from satisfied customers over time.

The most popular bank in Ireland is undoubtedly Allied Irish Bank (AIB)! AIB has been a major financial institution in Ireland for decades and remains one of the biggest banks the country offers. Other big players such as Bank of Ireland, KBC, and Ulster Bank also have established markets with plenty of offerings suitable to many customers' needs.

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