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Luckiest Shopping Trip Ever! Unsuspecting Customer Wins a Whopping €3 Million Lotto Jackpot

Dublin Amy
Customer Wins a Whopping €3 Million Lotto Jackpot

The National Lottery has announced that a €3.5 million Lotto jackpot winning ticket was sold at the Mace in Kilbarrack, Dublin 5, over the weekend. Unfortunately, the winner has yet to contact National Lottery bosses to claim their prize – but hopefully, they will soon!

The winning numbers for Saturday’s draw were: 7, 29, 32, 33, 44 and 46, with bonus number 38, making them Ireland’s fourth millionaire of 2023 and second overall Jackpot winner of the year. Such a fantastic win will be life-changing for whoever comes forward – providing financial freedom and security like no other!

All winners are encouraged to contact the National Lottery Prizes Claims Team at 1800 666 222 or by email [email protected] as soon as possible – so keep your eyes peeled if you believe you may be lucky enough to hold onto this golden ticket! On top of that, all lucky winners should sign the back of their tickets once they find out they’ve won.

There will also be arrangements for those holding onto this lucky ticket at some point today, including an unexpected visit from NL bosses later who wish to extend their personal congratulations. It is expected that the meeting will take place at Abbey St HQ when it becomes apparent when the best time for both parties… This means owners need not worry about getting down there but play it patiently while one phone call away from becoming millionaires overnight themselves!

Finally, what a fantastic weekend win-we know many ongoing celebrations after that news broke just yesterday, so why don’t we check our own tickets carefully too? You only know once you tried, right?!

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