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Alert Issued: Icier Conditions Forecasted Across Ireland

Dublin Amy
Icier Conditions Forecasted Across Ireland

It's official – winter has come back to Ireland. A stark reminder of the cold weather that we can expect came in a series of warnings issued by Met Éireann this morning, with two ‘Status Orange' snow-ice warnings issued for Cavan, Donegal, Monaghan and other areas across the country.

The warning comes into effect at 11 am today and will remain in place until 10 am on Friday morning; it's expected that there will be accumulations of snow in some parts and icy conditions across most counties affected by the alert. People are advised to take caution – walking, driving or any other outdoor activity should be avoided if possible during these times.

The news comes as another Status Orange weather warning was dropped for Dublin from midnight tonight until 10am tomorrow morning; sleet and snow, along with strong winds, have been forecasted over the next few days so residents all over the capital should keep themselves updated regularly about any potential alerts that could affect their area. So far however, Dublin has been able to avoid the worst part of this cold snap – minimal disruption occurred earlier today when route 44b transport services were cancelled due to weather conditions but operations resumed soon afterwards without further issue.

Fortunately, Irish people won't see us succumbing too much longer: though temperatures will stay low until the weekend thankfully sunnier skies are set to appear later next week which should hopefully bode well throughout March!

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